Java 17 Required | Minecraft >= 1.19.4 Compatible Only
/!\ Versions below 1.20.2 don't support smooth HUD.

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To see all the commands, configurations and other features please refer to the wiki. Go to the wiki.

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Are you tired of mundane chat broadcast plugins? Welcome to HoloBroadcast, where your server communication reaches a new dimension! With HoloBroadcast, you can now broadcast messages as captivating holograms that dynamically follow players' movements.

You can also send private hologram messages to individual players, or display a hologram when specific events are triggered (e.g. when a player joins your server.) It is completely transparent to the PvP and build experiences: you can still hit players and place/break blocks through any hologram.
HoloBroadcast simulates a “Head Up Display” (“HUD” is the type of display that Tony Stark has in his Iron Man helmet) to display holographic messages that stick to the player view even when they turn their head or move.

(special thanks to BGHDDevelopment)

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  • Immersive Communication: Say goodbye to conventional chat broadcasts and embrace holographic messages that stick to players' views, enhancing their interaction with your server.
  • Versatile Hologram Types: Choose from text, item, block, player head, particles, and sounds to craft engaging holographic experiences tailored to your server's needs.
  • Flexible Broadcasting: Broadcast holograms to individual players or groups, and even across BungeeCord networks to reach all your servers effortlessly.
  • Event-Driven Messaging: Trigger hologram displays for specific events like player joins, creating immersive and responsive gameplay experiences.
  • Personal Settings: Players can personalize their hologram preferences using an intuitive in-game GUI, enhancing their overall experience.
  • Combat-Ready: Holograms seamlessly integrate with PvP and building experiences, allowing players to interact naturally without disruption.
  • Rich Customization: Customize holograms with animations, items, particles, and sounds to create dynamic and visually stunning messages.
Plugin Support: Seamlessly integrates with PlaceholderAPI, PlotSquared v6, and WorldGuard for extended functionality and event triggering.

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You install HoloBroadcast like any other plugin by simply puting the .jar file in the “plugins” directory of your server.

However, when updating HoloBroadcast please follow the steps below:

  1. Backup HoloBroadcast.jar and its config files.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Delete HoloBroadcast.jar and its config files from your server.
  4. Put the new HoloBroadcast.jar file in your plugins folder.
  5. Start your server.
  6. HoloBroadcast should be correctly installed and will generate the latest config files. They will have default values so if you want to put your old settings back, copy them from your backup config files.

If you want to install PlaceHolderAPI please follow their respective instructions. Note that HoloBroadcast will perfectly work even without this API. It simply adds more placeholders to HoloBroadcast.

You can also run HoloBroadcast on a BungeeCord server. Simply follow the same steps!

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We have many upgrades in the pipe, which we will release to you as soon as they are ready. Here are a few of our ideas:
  • Take advantage of Display Entities customizations (background color, size, transformations, ...)
  • Add the possibility to create static holograms and control who can see them
  • More pre-defined animations
  • Database support

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We strongly believe in collaboration and communication. If you have any issue with HoloBroadcast please contact us before posting a bad review. We will be glad to help you! If you have any issue please follow this procedure:
  • Replace your current HoloBroadcast jar with the latest that was correctly functioning on your server.
  • Contact us and send us a screenshot of the error in your console logs and describe as precisely as possible the steps that cause this error.
  • You can contribute to the code and/or open issues (bugs or requests) on github!
You can contact us using the following methods:

Click on the Discord picture below
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Send a PM to _Rolyn or DevKrazy on Spigot (you can also use the discussion section of the resource).
We put our hearts in the development of HoloBroadcast so we really hope that you will enjoy it. If you have any idea or feature request feel free to contact us!

Elevate your server's communication with HoloBroadcast and immerse your players in a captivating holographic experience!
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