It was too much work editing the image every time so I am now adding features in text format here instead.

- Edit most messages in messages.yml (not everyone yet)

- Set X amount of homes (Max 64 due to pagination being a nightmare)

- Left-Click home in GUI to teleport, Right-Click to edit home and change name,
change location, delete a home, or change the material (with the one in your hand).

- Fireworks after successful teleport.

- Blindness and dizzy effects cause fitting and coolness.

- Countdown before teleport.

- Cooldown on teleport (check config.yml)

- Temporarily protection after teleport cause I can't figure out the safe teleport.

This plugin requires MYSQL to run. And uses Hikari connections for performance.

Permission / Commands

- /home set <name> | Item in hand will be the material displayed in the GUI.
- /home | Opens the GUI and teleports you to the home coordinates including with yaw and pitch.

athena.use | The permission needed to use commands.
athena.homes.number | Select the number of max homes a player can have. Right now the plugin will not support any more than 54, due to no pagination in the GUI.
athena.homes.death | Saves home upon death if they have anyone to spare depending on their max homes and the permission.
athena.homes.vip | Adds fireworks after teleport success.

This is a new project, so I expect bugs and a lack of features.

Please use the discussion to report bugs, and feedback is helpful.

This plugin uses Bstats to track data.

Additional note:
This is a project I am working on for my own network, and at some point, I will have to start other projects and may or may not continue to support this project after that. 757211-251aa06e842ed9e3159e923c97faecee.jpg