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[Hub] » Bee Island » 250x250
Floating Lobby

Size: 250x200
Beautiful & Nice looking | High detailed Hub

Cost: € 6.99
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[img] tag Detailed floating island
[img] tag Houses
[img] tag Lots of giant flowers and grass
[img] tag Places for 5 NPCs (can be managed by you)
[img] tag Place for 2 Crate
[img] tag Info table
[img] tag Top places
[img] tag Spawn Point
and so much more..

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[img] tag .zip file with:
SCHEMATIC: 1.8 & 1.12 with blocks from their verions
WORLD FILE: 1.8 & 1.12 with blocks from their verions
⪼ The build can be also uploaded on the newest Minecraft version

Need you support? https://discord.gg/grZBrmSB8F

Before loading the schematic: /gamerule randomTickSpeed 0 because the leaves from trees can fall down

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