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HuskChat is a smart, beautiful & customisable plugin for your BungeeCord or Waterfall proxy server. It synchronizes your player's chat across your server network through a simple yet highly versatile channel system as well as allowing players to privately message each other across your network.

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  • Let players chat to everyone across your server network!
  • Format your chat with hexadecimal color codes and advanced formatting thanks to MineDown.
  • Configure channels for your chat to allow players to switch between chatting locally & globally - and control who can chat and see messages through easy-to-understand permissions. For example, a staff chat channel to facilitate staff chat cross-network and a global chat channel for global cross-server messages on your network.
  • Create shortcut commands to let players easily toggle between channels.
  • Works out of the box once you have installed it - doesn't require fiddling with out-of-date wiki guides or fine-tuning permissions (although you can if you want)
  • Supports some placeholders to let you customize chat formatting (note that this plugin does not support PlaceholderAPI at the moment as that is a spigot plugin)
  • Let players /msg each other and quickly /r(eply) to each other across your network.
  • Configure all plugin messages and format these with advanced custom formatting too.
Planned features
Features that I would like to do at some point that are not available yet (in no particular order of priority):
  • Profanity filtering (I have been looking into handling this with machine learning, because the standard filtered-word approach sucks)
  • IP address filtering
  • Paper/Spigot version using the same jar
  • PlaceholderAPI support when that becomes possible eventually

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  • Channel switching: /channel
  • Channel shortcuts (default, can be changed): /local, /global, /staff, /helpop
  • Plugin management: /huskchat
  • Private messaging: /msg (/m, /w, /tell) & /reply (/r)
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Setup Instructions
  1. Download HuskChat.jar
  2. Drag it into the /plugins/ folder on your proxy server (BungeeCord or Waterfall)
  3. Restart your proxy. Make configuration changes as necessary, and restart again.

This plugin uses bStats to provide me with metrics about it's usage. You can turn this off by navigating to plugins/bStats/config.yml and editing the config to disable plugin metrics.
View bStats metrics: Click to view

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