1.5.9 Nov 9, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.9
• Upgraded TAB completion support for teleporting to players and private homes
• Private home TAB completion is now cached to increase performance

1.5.8 Nov 4, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.8
• Updated to Minecraft 1.16.4: the plugin is now built with the Spigot 1.16.4 API.
• Slightly modified plugin.yml descriptions.

1.5.7 Oct 31, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.7
• Improved public home tab completion support & added caching
• Added vanish protection support for PremiumVanish, SuperVanish, VanishNoPacket & a few others: the plugin will now won't sent tp requests if the player is vanished, however /tp still works as that is intended for administrators
• Fixed an issue where the plugin would try to teleport players to the spawn position even when that function was disabled
• Fix incorrect syntax error message on /huskhomes command
• The version checker now sends a link to the resource downloads

1.5.6 Oct 4, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.6
This release fixes two critical issues. It is recommended that you update.
• Fixed plugin not checking if home name existed when renaming a home.
• Fixed plugin taking player's money when setting home even if the set home failed because the home name was already taken.

1.5.5 Oct 2, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.5
Please re-generate messages.yml for this release!
• /tp now supports teleporting to a specific location. You can specify X, Y, Z, World and Server (if using the plugin's bungee mode)
• Updated tab completion for /tp

1.5.4 Sep 23, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.4
• Text fixes in messages.yml
• Added ability to migrate home data from the EssentialsX plugin to HuskHomes.
• To do this, in console use the command "/huskhomes migrate essentialsx" and the migration should automatically start.

Please regenerate your messages.yml file for this release and update accordingly!

1.5.3 Sep 11, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.3
• Fix player-to-player teleportation not queuing correctly at all
• Fix wrong link to documentation in /huskhomes about

1.5.2 Sep 11, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.2
• Fixed incorrect symbols being used in default message.yml for the "Edit home details for ..." line
• Fixed incorrect message being displayed after successfully spending money to use /rtp
• Fixed permission nodes being inaccurate. Check the permissions page on the HuskHomes Wiki for up-to-date permissions. (https://github.com/WiIIiam278/HuskHomesDocs/wiki/Permissions)

1.5.1 Sep 10, 2020
HuskHomes 1.5.1
• Fixed the version update checker!