HomeGUI for HuskHomes (HuskHomesGUI)
This plugin is a fork of TechnoVision's HomeGUI with support for HuskHomes instead of EssentialsX. It provides an interactive GUI interface for HuskHomes homes.

In other words, it's an add on for HuskHomes that changes the chat home list to a GUI with customisable home icons.

This plugin supports HuskHomes v2.3+. To install it, simply download HuskHomes and this plugin and place them in your plugin directory.

  • This plugin saves the icon data locally through yaml files. It does not support syncing your home icon preference between servers through a database... yet.
  • This plugin has some light configuration (changing messages and available icons) but does not support MineDown... yet.
  • This plugin does not support HuskHomes warps... yet.
This plugin uses bStats to provide me with metrics about it's usage. You can turn this off by navigating to plugins/bStats/config.yml and editing the config to disable plugin metrics.
View bStats metrics: Click to view

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