2.3 Jul 2, 2023
HuskHomesGUI 2.3 - MC 1.20.1 support, bug fixes
HuskHomesGUI 2.3 fixes several bugs and makes a number of stability and user experience improvements.
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.20.1
  • Updated the default configuration for a better user experience, courtesy of @ApliNi in #28
  • Public homes in the private home list are now highlighted, courtesy of @ApliNi in #39
  • Add word wrapping to descriptions, courtesy of @ApliNi in #41
  • Fixed being able to edit other's home icons
  • Fixed warp names not being displayed, courtesy of @ApliNi in #40
To update, you must regenerate your config.yml and messages-xx-xx.yml files and replace the jar file. Thank you to ApliNi for their work on this release!

2.2 Mar 25, 2023
HuskHomesGUI 2.2 - Compatibility with HuskHomes v4

HuskHomesGUI 2.2 adds compatibility for HuskHomes v4.0+.

  • Updated the API for HuskHomes v4
  • Updated dependencies

This release of HuskHomesGUI is not compatible with HuskHomes v3. To update, just drag+drop -- there are no config changes.

2.1 Jan 22, 2023
HuskHomesGUI 2.1 - Config, localisation & new editor menus

HuskHomesGUI 2.1 adds a config file for changing how the menus look, locale customization support and new editor menus—including anvil naming and description support—for easily modifying homes and warps. Thank you to @ApliNi for their work on this update!

  • Added new menus for editing a home or warp
  • Added an anvil interface when renaming or editing the description of a home or warp through the GUI
  • Added a config file, for changing the item types used and size of the menus
  • Added a locales file, for customizing the plugin messages.
  • Added some more control options to better support Bedrock Edition users playing via Geyser
  • You can now drag an item and click with it over the home/warp in the menu to update its' icon
  • Fixed an issue where icons could reset in some cases
  • Added Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) localisation (accessible by modifying the language config option).

To update, just drag+drop.

2.0.1 Sep 21, 2022
HuskHomesGUI 2.0.1 - MineDown-adventure compatibility

HuskHomesGUI v2.0.1 updates the plugin to use MineDown-adventure for compatibility with HuskHomes v3.0.4+

  • The plugin now uses MineDown-adventure on the adventure platform

To update, just drag+drop.

2.0 Sep 6, 2022
HuskHomesGUI 2.0 - Compatible with HuskHomes v3

HuskHomesGUI 2.0 is a rewrite of HuskHomesGUI v1 and adds compatibility for HuskHomes v3 and brings with it a new GUI menu design, warp browsing in a menu, cross-server icon synchronisation and the ability to choose icons based on what you are holding in your hand.

Note: HuskHomesGUI v2 is a rewrite; or rather, a new plugin—it is no longer a fork of HomeGUI. The license of HuskHomesGUI has changed from the GPL3 to the Apache 2.0 license.

New features & changes

  • Updated to support HuskHomes v3.0+. HuskHomesGUI v2 is not compatible with HuskHomes v1.x or v2.x.
  • Warps and public homes are now shown in a menu rather than through the default chat list. Each menu has a different filler glass pane to represent them
  • Added the ability to set the icon of a home to the item in your hand by shift+clicking on it while holding something
  • Home icons now synchronise cross-server through the SavedPosition meta tags API provided by HuskHomes v3
  • Improved pagination, with new "jump to first/last page" buttons.
  • Removed the ability to delete homes with the middle mouse button.
  • Removed the ability to represent homes with dyed leather boots; this is no longer necessary with the new icon synchronisation approach
  • Temporarily removed the ability to customise locales—sorry! This will be back in the next update when I can.

To update, just drag+drop—though make sure you have upgraded HuskHomes to v3 first. Configuration options for this plugin have been removed for now, but will probably be re-added soon. Contributions are welcome!

1.2.3 Aug 29, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.2.3 - Update for HuskHomes 2.8.1
This version of HuskHomesGUI updates the plugin to work with the latest version of HuskHomes, 2.8.1. It does not support older versions of HuskHomes.

1.2.2 Jun 28, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.2.2 - Fix crash issue
This version of HomeGUI for HuskHomes fixes a crashing issue with 1.2.1 and bumps a few dependencies. It is designed to run with HuskHomes 2.6.2. To update, simply drag+drop.

1.2.1 Jun 16, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.2.1 - Java 16 & HuskHomes 2.6.1 support
This release of HuskHomesGUI requires Java 16 and requires HuskHomes 2.6.1; it makes a few optimizations with how the HuskHomes API is accessed alongside miscellaneous improvements with Java 16.

• Now depends on HuskHomes 2.6.1+
• Now requires Java 16
• Various optimizations thanks to Java 16.

1.2 May 30, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.2 - HH 2.5 support + Cross-server compatability
This release of HuskHomesGUI adds compatibility with HuskHomes v2.5 for asynchronous handling of data. It also adds a new mode for displaying homes in the menu.

• Added an option to switch between the standard "item picker" for icon display and a new "color" mode.
• Color mode assigns each home a color seeded based on their name that is the same on all servers. Homes are then represented by dyed leather boots with the correct colored name. No data is saved with Color mode so it works cross-server unlike item mode which only saves items to a file on each server.
• Added new text strings for color mode stuff.

Check your config file for the new options - you may need to regenerate it. Enjoy!

1.1 May 14, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.1
This release changes the plugin configuration to support MineDown and thus custom hex color codes.
You'll want to regenerate your config.yml for this one. Thank you!

1.0.2 Apr 9, 2021
HuskHomesGUI 1.0.2
This release fixes a crash on startup with v1.0.1.

1.0.1 Apr 7, 2021