HuskTowns is a simple and elegant proxy-compatible Towny-style protection plugin for Spigot-based Minecraft servers. Let players form towns, claim chunks and carve out a thriving community.

Built into HuskTowns is a robust and beautiful chat interface with a plethora of admin tools and config options to let you tailor the plugin to your needs.


⭐ Works cross-server
Let players seamlessly manage their towns, claims and teleport to their town spawn across your proxy network!

⭐ Super intuitive
Users will pick up how to use it right away! Make a town with /town create and claim a chunk with /town claim to get started.

⭐ Quick and beautiful menus
Sometimes, simple is better. No monolithic chest GUIs—instead, robust and beautiful interactive chat menus.

⭐ Great admin features
Manage the towns on your server and easily make admin claims. Comes with built-in support for Dynmap, BlueMap, Plan, LuckPerms, HuskHomes & more!

⭐ Easy to configure
Players can fine-tune town flags and access settings in-game, and admins can easily configure roles and levels through a simple config structure.

⭐ Extensible API & open-source
Need more? Extend the plugin with the Developer API. Or, submit a pull request through our code bounty system!

Ready? Let's head down town!

Need support? Have questions? We offer aftermarket support on our Discord server! (Proof of purchase required.)


HuskTowns requires the following:

  • Minecraft 1.17.1+ Spigot server
  • Java version 17+

A MySQL 8.0+ database is also required for cross-server support.


Helpful links to get you started:

  • Website — Visit my website!
  • Docs — Check the HuskTowns docs!
  • Discord — Get support! Proof of purchase required.
  • bStats — Check out the plugin metrics!
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!
  • Setup — Read the setup instructions!
  • Translations — Learn how to translate HuskTowns!