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HyperGamemodeSwap allows you to keep creative and survival inventories completely separate, and prevents your builders from cheating in items from creative.

  • Separates creative, survival, adventure, and spectator inventories, enderchests, potion effects, and XP.
  • Teleport back to the last location you were at in a gamemode when swapping (if enabled in config).
  • Separate inventory for each world (if enabled in config).
  • Keeps track of blocks placed in creative, so that the player is unable to break that block in survival.
  • Prevents taming mobs, dropping items, opening chests, etc. whilst in creative.
  • Creative restriction bypass permission for trusted members. (hgs.bypass)
  • Blacklist specific commands from being used in certain gamemodes.
  • Blacklist specific items/blocks from being obtained in creative.
  • Blacklist specific worlds from using the plugin commands.
  • All restrictions and features are toggleable in config.
  • Very easy setup; basically ready out of the box.
  • Supports all versions, 1.7 through 1.20.
  • Completely configurable messages.
  • And more!

Creative Restrictions (Bypassable with hgs.bypass permission)
  • Stops dropping and picking up items whilst in creative.
  • Disables opening containers whilst in creative. (chests, minecarts with chests, barrels, furnaces, shulker boxes, etc.)
  • Prevents combat whilst in creative
  • Prevents taming mobs whilst in creative.
  • Prevents eating food/drinking potions whilst in creative.
  • Disables the use of armor stands whilst in creative.
  • And more!

Commands & Permissions
  • /hgs - The main plugin command; can be used for commands listed below, or for a list of commands. - hgs.use.main
  • /gmswap (player) - Swap between survival and creative. - hgs.use.gmswap
  • /reloadswap - Reload the plugin configuration. - hgs.reload
  • /nightvision (player) - Toggle nightvision on/off in creative. - hgs.use.nightvision
  • /getitem [item] - Gives you any item in Minecraft; only usable in creative. - hgs.use.getitem
  • /follow (player) - Ride/follow the specified player. - hgs.use.follow
  • Separate inventories for each gamemode (if enabled in config) - hgs.swap
  • Bypass separate inventories for each gamemode (if enabled in config) - hgs.noswap
  • Swap another player's gamemode - hgs.use.gmswap.other
  • Toggle another player's nightvision - hgs.use.nightvision.other
  • Bypass creative restrictions and command blacklisting - hgs.bypass
  • Force a player's gamemode (if enabled in config) - hgs.forcegamemode