0.2.7 Sep 17, 2023
  • Updated ODailyQuests, FJetpack2Reloaded, EssentialsX version.
  • Fixed player lose permission for rocket boot (FJetpack2Reloaded).
  • Removed RewardsLite system, implemented the simplier reward system: Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
  • Removed CalendarEvents plugin.

0.2.6 Aug 2, 2023
  • Updated Oraxen configuration version.
  • Preparing for a remake of the Reward system due to its complexity.

0.2.4 Jul 25, 2023
Oraxen updates
  • Updated CrazyVoucher to the latest self-build version, now supporting PlaceholderAPI in messages.
  • Updated Oraxen configuration to be compatible with the latest version.
  • Updated HyronicSkyblockCore to be compatible with the latest version of Oraxen.

0.2.3 Jul 20, 2023
Hotfix 0.2.3
  • The version 1.158 of Oraxen is incompatible with the setup, please use the older version.
  • Fixed the core that was causing problems when loading Oraxen assets.

0.2.2 Jul 20, 2023
Release 0.2.2

- The setup is now stable and no longer in BETA.
- Downgraded NBT-API from dev build to the latest release to avoid issues with ItemsAdder.
- Updated ExcellentEnchants, ExcellentCrates, NextEngine, and PlayerAuction to their latest versions.
- Updated permissions for emojis in ItemsAdder.

BETA-0.2.1 Jul 10, 2023
  • Removed debug message of HyronicSkyblockCore.
  • Bring back custom ore generation to the resource world.

BETA-0.2.0 Jul 7, 2023
1.20 Update - Trails & Tales
  • This version will not be compatible with any previous versions of HyronicSkyblock setup. If you wish to use it, a clean installation is required.
  • Oraxen/ItemsAdder configuration and textures, PSD files are now only available through our Discord. You need to verify your purchase to access them.
  • Full changelog: [1.20 Updates] Changelog: - HyronicStudios Wiki

BETA-0.1.8 Jun 6, 2023
  • Fixed player profiles to display NPC profiles when Shift-clicked.
  • Updated the CrazyVouchers version to a custom build that supports PlaceholderAPI in item's lore.
  • Updated EssentialsX and EssentialsXSpawn to the latest stable version, 2.20

BETA-0.1.7 May 26, 2023
  • Added Player Profile /profile or /profile <name>, also you can right shift click to view player profile
  • Hyronic Doctor command now showing the current version of the core plugin.
  • Updated the core plugin HyronicSkyblockCore with Player Profile built-in

BETA-0.1.6 May 24, 2023
  • Removed BetterRPG, switch to /tpr of EssentialsX
  • Removed all the PSD files from Oraxe/ItemsAdder folder
  • Now the customers need to be verified on our discord to get PSD files.
  • Optimized the size of the setup, now around 75mb.
  • All the temp data such as: databases, logs, downloaded libraries will be clean for new customers.