Supported MC Versions1.16, 1.15, 1.14, 1.13, 1.12, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9, 1.8, 1.7

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NOTICE: If you use FAWE with " tick limit per chunk " option, generation of walls with falling blocks (such as SAND) may case incomplete walls. 

Since there is not any instant wall generator plugin which does what I wanted, I made this...

How it works:
You first obtain an instawall bucket (with a certain material such as COBBLESTONE, OBSIDIAN), then you pour the material as you place the block.  The material will start run down as long as AIR space underneath or no Sponge blocks nearby. The pouring will stop once the material hits the non-AIR block.

You can give players/groups permission nodes to use any particular types (material types) of InstaWall buckets.

You can also specify the worlds where the use of InstaWall buckets is disabled.

If there are sponge blocks nearby the path of a block being dropped, the material pouring will no longer proceed. Just like the regular behaviour of the sponge against water.  However, sponge blocks will not be able to absorb already materialised blocks.

Video demo

with "LeaveSource: true"

Supported region protection plugins:
  • ASkyBlock
  • BSkyBlock
  • Factions (other forks like SavageFactions should use this keyword)
  • FactionsUUID
  • Feudal
  • GriefPrevention,
  • Kingdoms
  • LegacyFactions
  • NovaGuilds
  • PlotMe
  • PlotSquared (v3, v4, and v5)
  • Plotz
  • PreciousStone
  • RedProtect
  • Residence
  • Towny
  • uSkyBlock
  • WorldGuard v6
  • WorldGuard v7

Commands: (alias: iw, insta)
  • /instawall | /instawall help : displays the help menu
  • /instawall reload : reloads the configuration file.
  • /instawall give <player> <material> <amount> [dir:d|h|u]: gives <player> an instawall bucket for the <material>, that can be used <amount> times. if dir: option is provided, you can specify the direction of wall generation (d: down, h: horizontal, u: up)
  • /instawall buy <type> <amount> [dir:d|h|u].

Permission Node:

  • instawall.reload : allows you to reload the config file.
  • instawall.give : allows you to execute "give" command.
  • instawall.<material_type> : allows you to use the instawall bucket of <material_type>.  <material_type> should be in lowercase.  (ex. instawall.cobblestone, instawall.obsidian)

You just install InstaWall.jar into "plugins" folder.

NOTE: Do not make the interval value too small. If you do, falling block based wall might collide itself during the generation.