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19.96 Jan 24, 2024
Added 1.20.4 support
  • Added 1.20.4 support

19.95 Sep 23, 2023
Update, 1.20.2 support
  • Added 1.20.2 support
  • Added support for glow and invisible item frames through ViaVersion, so even if your server is running on an older version of Minecraft, players on newer clients will be able to see glow/invisible item frames.
  • Added an optional interaction-distance option (can be added next to the usual distance option to specify an interaction distance different to the activation distance)
  • Added native Velocity support
  • Added a configurable frame delay option, useful for cases where other plugins may mess up the order of packets sent to the player.
  • Added an option to pause gifs for Bedrock edition clients.
  • Fixed capitalization option for text objects.
  • Fixed text alignment not working correctly.
  • Fixed potential issues with entity ids for <1.14 versions.
  • Removed support for 1.7.10 clients, as it seems that the version has unsolvable lag issues caused by the client processing map packets. If a solution for this is somehow found in the future, support will be added.
  • Other minor changes.

19.9 Jun 27, 2023
Technical update
  • Optimized map color conversion process for significant performance gains
  • Reloads and resets are now instant
  • Added ViaVersion, ViaBackwards, ViaRewind support
    • Added a color remapping system to convert maps that use map colors from newer versions to maps that only use colors found in the client version
    • For older client versions that do not support invisible item frames, frame width is calculated as visible to keep the sub-pixel click accuracy (clients before 1.16)
    • For clients before 1.13 16-bit map ids are used to display maps correctly.
  • Important: for ViaBackwards and ViaRewind support to work correctly, those plugins must be installed on the server, not the proxy. Also, the InteractiveBoard bungee plugin has to be installed on the proxy.
  • Improved Geyser support
    • Click calculations are always done with visible item frame width to maintain sub-pixel accuracy.
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • Fixed reliability issues with image loading
  • Rewritten item frame spawn/destroy system
  • Added bold character support to PixelText
  • Fixed default skin texture for skin renderers
  • Improved scene switch performance

19.8 Jun 7, 2023
1.20 support
  • Added 1.20 support
  • Fixed hex colors
  • Added cape supports for skin rendering
  • Improved reload/reset stability

19.7 May 7, 2023
  • Fixed hex colors not working properly
  • Improved parsing of skin textures, now skins should work properly even when the target player is offline
  • Added live updates for all skin objects
  • Added live updates for "permission" property of all objects

19.6 Apr 1, 2023
Added Folia support
  • Added support for Folia, intercompatibility with other plugins may not be perfect due to this platformbeing new.

19.5 Mar 14, 2023
Added 1.19.4 support
  • Added 1.19.4 support

19.4 Mar 9, 2023
Added MultiPaper support
  • Added MultiPaper support (reload/reset/delete/create is not synchronized)
  • Fixed hover not registering individually

19.3 Feb 25, 2023
Global mode improvements
  • Added hover support for global mode
  • Fixed boards not being visible for newly entered additional players in global mode

19.2 Feb 19, 2023
  • Fixed images that use placeholders in the name not updating after the placeholder changes
  • Removed scale property which was unused
  • Internal changes to simplify the complexity of the plugin

19.1 Feb 16, 2023
Added additional color format
  • Added additional hex color format (usage: &#000000)
  • Added placeholder support for default scene settings
  • Fixed global mode not registering clicks

18.9 Jan 29, 2023
Placeholder support for object properties
  • Added placeholder support for all object properties, note that placeholder values for most object properties will only get taken on the initialization of the object with continuous refreshing only working for text and image objects. This limitation will get addressed in future updates.

18.8 Jan 20, 2023
Full placeholder support for functions
  • Added full placeholder support for functions, now any property of a function can have placeholders in it that will get parsed.

18.7 Jan 15, 2023
  • Improved compatibility with other plugins that use maps
  • Fixed board proximity ordering not being correct for scroll events

18.6 Jan 2, 2023
  • Fixed bungee freeze fix for 1.8-1.10 not working
  • Optimized skin fetching
  • Added error handling for headless JVMs that do not have graphics libraries needed for InteractiveBoard to work

18.5 Dec 26, 2022
  • Fixed player related data not getting cleared properly if a player logged off near a board. This issue caused memory consumption to build up over time, so it is highly recommended to update to the latest version as soon as possible to prevent any issues.

18.4 Dec 24, 2022
Added ceiling board support
  • Added ceiling board support
  • Reduced plugin file size

18.3 Dec 17, 2022
  • Fixed board item frames not all despawning at once
  • Added additional error handling

18.2 Dec 13, 2022
Performance & stability improvements
  • Improved reload speeds for the plugin
  • Reduced board unload times
  • Fixed stability issues that could occur on plugin loads and player joins

18.1 Dec 7, 2022
Added 1.19.3 support
  • Added support for 1.19.3
  • Fixed potential performance and stability issues
  • Added error handling for placeholders

18.0 Dec 4, 2022
Bungee support for older client map freeze workaround
  • Added bungee support for the workaround needed to keep boards from freezing on 1.8-1.10 versions due to bugs in those versions. Velocity support and improved proxy communication will be added in a future update.

17.9 Nov 2, 2022
Added hex color code support
  • Added hex color code support for all text objects

17.8 Oct 5, 2022
Added error scenes
  • Added error scenes for cases when a scene can't get loaded properly. This will help with debugging boards that have issues.

17.7 Oct 3, 2022
Added 2D head renderer
  • Added 2D head renderer
  • Fixed some values not being removed from board config files automatically

17.6 Sep 29, 2022
Added multi-display support
  • Rewrote the way displays are managed to allow for one board to have multiple displays. Also changed how display coordinates are structured in board configuration files. Currently, additional displays have to be manually added to the configuration file, but commands for adding them will be added in future updates.

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