Supported MC Versions1.7, 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
Req. Server SoftwareSpigot or Paper
Basic Commands/saveinv, /invrestore, /recoverinv, /restoreinv, /invrestoretest


Inventory Restore is a plugin which allows server moderators to recover previous inventories that have been lost due to dying. The plugin supports inventory history, meaning you recover inventories which were lost 3 months ago. This is unlike other plugins where you can only recover the latest one.

An innovative GUI can be used to navigate inventories, although commands are also available if you like that more. 

The source is now included in the default price, no extra payment required. If you have already purchased the plugin, PM me, and I will send you a link to the GitLab (requires an account). Please include your GitLab username in the PM. This is only for a limited amount of time.

For support and/or questions, please join my official discord here (

Remastered: The plugin has been remastered, hence including new, better, and more innovative systems and features. The thread should be updated with the new photos. Below is the listed changes: 


  • Copy: 10 GBP SALE: 5 GBP (50% off)
  • Source: 25 GBP (free for the moment)

How to get the source: PM me!

Additional Info:
This is a completely new version of Inventory Restore+. Made even better ;) To support death history. Now, can't you only restore the player's most recent inventory, but also an inventory he had a month ago, too! User-friendly dates. ID system.

Commands & Permissions:

[...] = optional arguments
<...> = mandatory arguments.

name: InvRestore2

authors: [ExpDev, mraureliusr, itsKateee]

version: 2.8.0-STABLE

main: me.expdev.invrestore.InvRestorePlugin

description: A remaster of InventoryRestore+ at SpigotMC by the same author.




   description: Check plugin details


   description: Saves a player's current inventory.

   permission: invrestore.saveinv

   usage: /saveinv [player]


  description: Recover a player's inventory from their history.

   permission: invrestore.recoverinv

   usage: /recoverinv <player> [reason]


   description: Restores an inventory from a recovery.

   usage: /restoreinv


   description: Hidden command, only developer-mode for testing

Servers that use this plugin:
  • Hydra Network
  • OpPvP -


  • Effective code
  • Extremely good data management
  • Permissions
  • History save
  • Much more!


  • I paid, but can't download!? Don't worry! Due to PayPal's policy changes in my country, they have decided to make me unverified. This means that I will have to manually approve payments you send to me. This will mostly take 10 minutes if I'm online.
  • Where are the pages? They are there now! Download the latest version.
  • Can I get the source? I have opened a private repo at, where you will be added and can download the newest source, once you purchase the source which you will have to PM me about.
  • I got errors! What shall I do? What a shame! Calm down, relax, and pull it straight-- you won't die. I am always happy to assist a consumer who has a good attitude. Errors can be quite common, and the source of the error can be a wide set of things. Including but not limited to Java version being incompatible, spigot/Bukkit version being incompatible, an unexpected result occurred, etc. it's important that I know so I can expect it in the code. If you get what I mean. Don't post in the review section regarding your error, instead PM me or post respectfully in the Discussions thread created for this resource. Include a whole error and which version of Java and Spigot you are running; from here you will have to communicate with me if I need any further information.
  • I want a new feature added! Can you please, please, please add it? Oooh, so you're the creative kind of type? We developers love those type of people and are always happy to hear what kind of innovation you can bring to our products. Again, it's important that you do not use the reviews section, but rather PM me or use the discussion. I will make an evaluation of your idea, and decide whether I want to implement it or not, it's not up to you, even though I rarely turn down ideas which I know will bring glory to the plugin.

  • No disclaimers.

Terms & Conditions:
By receiving this plugin you agree to not

  • Claim it as your own plugin
  • You may edit the code for your own purposes (source needed!)
  • Only use the plugin at ONE server/network
  • Resell
  • Redistribute without the author's (@ExpDev) explicit and direct permission.
Thank you for buying InvRestore+ Remastered!