3.1-RECOMPILE Jun 21, 2023
Re-compiled to support down to Java 8

This (and all future versions) was re-compiled to support down to Java 8, and also was compiled with MC 1.20

3.1 Aug 21, 2021
New "didSetBlock" listener
This version adds a new "didSetBlock" listener for plugins

3.0.1 Feb 25, 2021
New isItemStack(ItemStack, String) method
This version adds the convenience method ItemBridge.isItemStack(ItemStack, String) for developers

3.0 Dec 29, 2020
Block Bridge!
You can now use ItemBridge with blocks! Check the JavaDocs of and source code for how to use it

3.0-SNAPSHOT1 SNAPSHOT Nov 25, 2020
Block Bridge!
This version adds support for custom blocks in ItemBridge! Check out the source code for a more in-depth overview

2.0 Jul 27, 2020
New methods for developers, and new /itembridge name
This version adds new methods for developers, including ItemBridgeListener.isItem, ItemBridgeListener.getItemName.

it also adds ItemBridge.getItemKey(ItemStack stack) and ItemBridge.isItemStack(ItemStack stack, String key, String item)

This version also adds a new /itembridge name command to get the name of the item in your hand.

1.0.6 Jun 25, 2020
Minor Improvements (+ built with 1.16)
This version brings some minor improvements to the startup message of ItemBridge, and was also built with 1.16

1.0.5 Apr 29, 2020
Drop command
This version adds a new command, /itembridge drop <world> <x> <y> <z> <item> [amount], which can be used to naturally drop an item at a location. The permission for the command is itembridge.drop.

1.0.4 Apr 21, 2020