2.0 Jul 27, 2020
New methods for developers, and new /itembridge name

This version adds new methods for developers, including ItemBridgeListener.isItem, ItemBridgeListener.getItemName.

it also adds ItemBridge.getItemKey(ItemStack stack) and ItemBridge.isItemStack(ItemStack stack, String key, String item)

This version also adds a new /itembridge name command to get the name of the item in your hand.

1.0.6 Jun 25, 2020
Minor Improvements (+ built with 1.16)

This version brings some minor improvements to the startup message of ItemBridge, and was also built with 1.16

1.0.5 Apr 29, 2020
Drop command

This version adds a new command, /itembridge drop <world> <x> <y> <z> <item> [amount], which can be used to naturally drop an item at a location. The permission for the command is itembridge.drop.

1.0.4 Apr 21, 2020