ItemBridge is a simple, lightweight way to use items from different plugins in your server and in other plugins!

For Server Owners Using ItemBridge is simple! Just download and install the plugin on your server, and you're good to go. With ItemBridge, you can...

Use special items everywhere in any plugin that supports ItemBridge. Where you would normally specify an item in a configuration file or command using it's Minecraft name or "minecraft:item_name" namespace, you can use items from other plugins! Just replace the text with the item you want to use, like "CustomItems:greenBeet" or "QualityArmory:AWP", and you're done!

  How to use ItemBridge

Save Items with a simple command. Just use /ib save to save the item in your hand.

Use your Saved Items in Other Plugins, in commands, configuration files, and more!
Where you would normally type the Minecraft material name of your item, like "minecraft:diamond" or "apple", just type "saved:mySavedItemName", and that's it!

Get Saved Items just as easily. Run use /ib get to get one of your saved items.

For Developers Adding ItemBridge support to your plugin is very simple, and with only a few lines of code, you can allow players to use third-party items in your plugin, and allow other plugins to use any custom items your plugin may have added! If you're a developer, click here to get more info about using ItemBridge in your plugins

Plugins that support ItemBridge See the the Supported Plugins page for a list of items-related plugins that support ItemBridge, and their namespaces.

If you're a developer and want your plugin included here, send me a PM!

Commands & Permissions
You can use /ib or /itb in place of /itembridge

/itembridge get <item> [amount]
itembridge.get or itembridge.give

Gives you [amount] of the item <item>. Make sure to format <item> like "key:item_name", like "saved:myItem" or "cui:greenBeet"

/itembridge give <player> <item> [amount]

Gives <player> [amount] of the item <item>. Make sure to format <item> like "key:item_name", like "saved:myItem" or "cui:greenBeet"

/itembridge save <name>

Saves the item currently in your hand as an ItemBridge item, so that it can later be accessed by you and other plugins using "saved:<name>" or "itembridge:<name>".

Saved items are stored in the "saves" folder in yml format, so if you run /itembridge save myCoolThing, then the file "saves/myCoolThing.yml" will be saved in your ItemBridge plugin folder, and you'll be able to get the item using "saved:myCoolThing", "itembridge:myCoolThing", or "ib:myCoolThing"

/itembridge drop <world> <x> <y> <z> <item> [amount]

Naturally drops [amount] of <item> in the world <world> at the position <x>, <y>, <z>. If you don't provide the [amount] argument, 1 of the item is dropped.

Make sure to format <item> like "key:item_name", like "saved:myItem" or "cui:greenBeet"

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