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CarlHitEmUp Sep 4, 2020
There seems to be an issue when doing with an open hand, it kick's all the players from the server with an error like this:  Internal Exception: java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Null itemstack
vk2gpz Sep 4, 2020
I've just tested and if I have an open hand, [Air] is displayed. no errors.
Beastman9095 Sep 17, 2020
Try using the latest version of ProtocolLib
fra130701 Sep 25, 2020
Plugin works fine, but.. When using {i} on empty hand, it returns in chat "Air", with over message "Invalid item". When seeing inventory (clicking on "My Inventory" in chat) there are 2 armours (and not one)
srnyx Oct 4, 2020
Having issues with this plugin:

I think I've confirmed it was Item2Chat by removing it by not 100% sure at this point.
I asked VentureChat's author for help but he said it can't be VentureChat causing the issue.
Danakus007 Dec 6, 2020
I have a problem,
where if a player shows the item where the description of the item is very long. will make other players disconnected. how do i fix that?
Thank you for your attention.
Amandusjf Dec 9, 2020
this is what its supposed to look like:

but it looks like this when i do [item]
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