Thefluffypvper Mar 19, 2022
Version 6.6.2
Plugin works fine, don't listen to the reviews above.
ItzFabb Jul 25, 2021
Version 6.4.3
Im sorry for a bad rate but it seems it still having some issue w/1.17! i have changed protocollib also to development version, and still the plugin having a stroke when player "{i}" its unfortunate that this best plugin, is having some issue atm hope it'll get fixed soon thanks!

Author's response
posting 1 star review won't fix that issue unfortunately. And v6.4.3 is indeed working on 1.17 servers (we have both spigot and paper 1.17.1 test server and working on both).
kodokodo Jun 26, 2021
Version 6.4.0
Not working on 1.16.5.

Author's response
It is working fine on 1.16.5 as well as 1.17. rather than simply saying "not working on 1.16.5", you should submit a support ticket to get a help.
GeRmAnAnToNiO Apr 23, 2021
Version 5.2.1
Dont works in 1.16.5 please fix them

Author's response
It’s working fine on 1.16.5 The test server ( is on 1.16.5
fra130701 Sep 24, 2020
Version 5.0.0
Plugin works fine, but..

When using {i} on empty hand, it returns in chat "Air", with over message "Invalid item".
When seeing inventory (clicking on "My Inventory" in chat) there are 2 armours (and not one)

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