2.0.0-alpha.2 Dec 28, 2021
Merry Christmas!

This update includes:

* 1.18 support
* Simple command framework

Have a nice day!

2.0.0-alpha.1 Oct 2, 2021
Second alpha of ItemMods 2.0
ItemMods has its first birthday! Happy birthday! Come to the discord to celebrate this!
I rewrote the plugin.

Here are the highlights:

Every item and block is in a pack and have its own file in the pack directory
GUI improvements: tabs, smaller gui, ...
Resource pack generator: The plugin will build a resource pack for you.
You only need to add a preset, and the required textures
New translation api: It's easier to translate. I added crowdin to give the opinion
to add their own language to the plugin
New docs: I created an own website for the plugin. Here you can see all news, documentation and more. See it here
Remove nms dependency, added nbt api
Follow the semantic versioning 2.0: Every version is named in the following schema: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH.
The alpha, beta and release candidates has a number after it (for example 2.0.0-alpha.0)
And here is the first release in 2021 for ItemMods!
Have fun. The docs are not finished, so please use the discord for questions.

Thank you for waiting :) Aug 16, 2020
Fixing dupe glitches
Fix several dupe glitches

1.4 Aug 10, 2020
Only armor stand blocks + Advanced api
- Add advanced api, thanks to @AlessioDP
- OreAnnouncer Support
- Change thtat you can also make only armor stand blocks
- Update api
- Fixing bug #3
- Change to new api
- README update
- change api, now it's openConfigGui, not getConfigGui Jul 16, 2020
Bug fixing
Fixing block breaking bug, thanks to @AlessioDP Jul 15, 2020
Better gui support + Bug fixing
Better gui support
Bug fixing
Updated wiki

1.3.1 Jun 28, 2020
1.3.1 - 1.16 + Bug fixing + Damage
1.16 support
Bug fixing with block place
Bug fixing with other item errors
Pickaxe breaks when block mining
Remove debug code ALPHA Jun 24, 2020
Bug fixing + Gui Addon fixes
Fix block place template bug
Rename gui config method
1.16 will come if a spigot version is released! ALPHA Jun 21, 2020 - Main class error fix + Addon improvements + Bug fixing
Fix main class error, see #1
You need to register templates now
Fixing translation bugs ALPHA Jun 17, 2020 - Bug fixing
Fix translation bug
Fix give item command

1.3 ALPHA Jun 16, 2020
1.3 Module support
Don't use this version for production!

Add module support!
New item block set template
Block Templates/Item Templates
Addon class
New register method to register Addons
Fortune option
Bug fixing
Please recreate the translation file

If you want to create an addon, come and join my discord and i help you with that! May 11, 2020