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Vanilla like

Integrates seamlessly with Minecraft.
No bugged or out of place mechanic.
Looks like an official update

No lag
This plugin is coded with performance in mind, you won't get lag spikes or crashes.

Extremely customizable
Customize the plugin like you want. No limitations are introduced.
Your imagination is the only limitation.

Make your server unique

Blocks, tools, swords, fishes, food, minerals, wings, vehicles, emojis, trees, ores, mobs, vanilla armors (1.17+), custom HUDs and much more!

Break the Minecraft limits!

✅ Compatible with Spigot 1.15.2 to 1.20.4 and Java 8 to 17
10.000+ downloads and 8.000+ servers
✅ One of the best rated premium plugins ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Resource Pack unzip protection. Avoid thieves stealing your textures.
540+ Custom EMOJIS! :eek::love: (see below for screenshots) without replacing japanese, chinese or other characters!
Emojis are available in chat, sign, book, holograms, mob name, anvil...
✅ Realistic lag-free vehicles! (cars, planes..)
✅ Mobs / entities
✅ Emotes
✅ Armors textures
✅ HUDs and custom GUIs
✅ Custom behaviors for your custom items
✅ 100% real custom blocks (no entities, no lag) with WorldEdit support (beta)
✅ Custom ores, surface/cave decorations and trees generators
Liquids (Minecraft 1.16.2+)
Colored Fire
✅ Add triggers, commands, events to your custom items, blocks, vehicles, hats, blocks, machinery...
✅ Custom sounds (.ogg files)
Durability bar perfectly working like in normal Minecraft items
✅ Stackable items without glitches or lag when stacking.
✅ Fully configurable and customizable via .yml files
Smelting recipes, crafting recipes with custom items support.
✅ Custom tools that can lose durability when used in crafting table and play sounds! (example: Knife used to peel potatoes)
✅ Realistic campfire behaviour
✅ Custom loading logo (works only on Optifine and MCPatcher)
✅ You can translate the plugin editing language file
Java API to get custom textures and use them in your plugin! Make custom menus, custom tools, tickets, hats, everything you want to code. You can even use these to make special things like mobs (using ArmorStands or something, you need to code them using your methods)
Skript API for developers
and more!

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