It RELIES on the plugin ITEMSADDER

ItemsAdder is cosmetic plug-in that allows you to import all kinds of stuff, it is a premium plug-in [Requires Purchase] so please purchase it before buying this add-on emote pack!

  • Itemsadder has it’s own requirements, please check the plugin’s wiki/spigot page to learn more, I’ll be showing only how to import my Emote Pack and I won’t be giving support on the plug-in, I’ll only give support for the Emote Pack.





-You cannot redistribute this product for any purposes without permission

    • No refunds policy
    • You cannot claim this as yours
    • You can change/tweak the content inside it

{If you're gonna use it for a project, please give credits at least}


I accept Stripe and PayPal only! If you can't use PayPal, contact me on Discord AMON#8858


How to load it in
Once you have ItemsAdder resourpack loaded/enabled, go to ItemsAdder>data>resource_pack>assets>minecraft>animations

Drop the .player.animations file in, and you’re all done!

don't drop BOTH files given to you, just drop the .player.animations

then all you need to do is /iazip or /iareload

Here's a preview on some other emotes I've made