Elevate your server's visual appeal while giving donator and staff ranks a spotlight they deserve. Introducing our custom rank prefixes pack for ItemsAdder – a simple solution to enhancing your server's aesthetics. The pack includes a collection of over 200 individual prefixes! Choose from 14 distinct color options and 16 varied text alternatives, granting you an abundance of choices.

If you find a particular prefix you need missing from our selection, don't hesitate to message me on discord (Kindred98#9066) or create a ticket in our Discord server. We value your input and will consider adding it if it's a commonly sought-after option.


Installation of the prefixes pack is easy. Begin by dragging and dropping the provided ItemsAdder configuration into the designated location within your ItemsAdder folder (located at plugins -> ItemsAdder). This configuration encompasses both the config file and the initially blank textures.

Your next step involves choosing your desired colour for each prefix. Simply replace each image in your ItemsAdder folder's textures directory with an image from the color packs we've provided. No need to worry about using all the same colours – mix and match colors as you please. You won't need to change the configuration file at all. Just switch out the blank prefix images with your preferred color variations, and you're all set!

If you have any questions about the product before purchase, or need support after your purchase, you can contact us in our Discord server,

The following prefixes are available in the pack:

  1. admin
  2. builder
  3. dev
  4. helper
  5. jrmod
  6. mod
  7. mvp
  8. mvpplus
  9. owner
  10. player
  11. srmod
  12. team
  13. twitch
  14. vip
  15. vipplus
  16. youtube

Each of the colours available within Minecraft Formatting Codes are available in the pack, which means that your prefixes will fit in with any text colour you already use for your ranks!