This pack includes 6 unique high quality animated entities, for secial media
Only Json fils, no BBmodel.

This is not a plugin, this is an addon for ItemsAdder plugin
How to install :

a 1. extract the content of the .zip file inside the folder : plugins/ItemsAdder/
2. use the command /iazip
Ingame follow the video to know how summon and animate the entities, the ia entities is based on the Iron Golem


  • Youtube Robot
  • Twitch Robot
  • Twitter Robot
  • Instagram Robot
  • Discord Robot
  • Tiktok Robot
  • Only Json fils, no BBmodels. this pack is used only for Items adder. read terms of service please.


There are currently 4 animations per entity , The "idle", the "Walk", the" sit" and the" hi"
you can execute animations with the /iaentity command or with Citizen, for more informations : Showcase and tutorial video : Click here





Terms of service :

  • No refunds.
  • Do not resell / redistribute my models
  • Do not extract and use my models out of this addon.

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