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JHoppers is the future of collector plugins.

Create unlimited types of collectors, customize them to your liking,
and easily manage them from a clean gui.

  Admin Demonstration Video
  Player Demonstration Video
  Permissions Tutorial Video

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Unlimited Types | Create any type of collector you want with ease.
Chunk Pickup | Any configurable items dropped in the chunk are picked up.
Easy-To-Use GUI | Control every aspect of the plugin from a simple GUI.
Change Item Type | Change what item each collector is represented by.
Custom Block Type | The collector block can be any block.
Change Collection Items | Collectors can collect any items you want.
Place Particles | A customizable particle effect is shown when placed.
Customizable Hologram | A hologram can be shown above the collector. (requires HolographicDisplays)
Auto-Harvest | Automatically make crops harvest and replant in the chunk. (can be enabled/disabled per collector)
Auto-Sell | Automatically make items sold from the hopper. (can be enabled/disabled per collector)
Customizable Permissions | Set the permissions to whatever you want them to be.
Custom Prices | Item prices can be set to whatever price you want. (includes SuperBoosters support)
Member System | Collector owners can add users to their collector.
Member Permissions | Collector owners can set which members can withdraw, sell, and break the collector.
Member Info | Members of the collector can see the amount sold and amount of items withdrawn per player.
TPS Increase | Instead of having hundreds of items which lag the server, no items will ever be spawned which results in a large TPS increase.
Factions/Skyblock Support | Due to the member system, this plugin support any factions or skyblock plugin!

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Main Menu | Create collectors, manage prices, and configure collectors from the main menu.

  Main Menu

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Creating Collectors | Easily create new collector types.

  Creating Collector

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⚡ Collector Item | Change the collector item, item name/lore, toggle glowing, and change collector block.

  Changing Collector Item
  Changing Collector Item Name
  Changing Collector Item Lore
  Toggle Collector Item Glowing
  Changing Collector Block

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Collected Items | Easily change which items the collector picks up.

  Changing Collected Items

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Place Particles | Change what particle effect is displayed on place- or disable it all together.

  Changing Place Particle
  Redstone Particle
  Fire Particle
  Villager Particle
  Water Splash Particle
  Cloud Particle
  Crit Particle

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Holograms | Easily change or disable the hologram above the hopper (requires HolographicDisplays)

  Changing Hologram
  Disabling Hologram

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Auto-Harvest | Crops are automatically harvested and replanted within the chunk. (can be enabled/disabled per collector)


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Auto-Sell | Items picked up by the collector are automatically sold. (can be enabled/disabled per collector)


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Permissions | The permission nodes used can be easily changed in the menu.

  Managing Permissions

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Sell/Withdraw | The items in the collector can be sold or they can be withdrawn.

  Sell Items
  Withdraw Items

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Invite Members | Collector owners can invite users to access their collectors.

  Inviting Members

Member Permissions | Collector owners can change the permissions for any member.

  Member Permissions

Member Stats | Collector members can view the items sold and withdrawn by each member.

  Member Statistics

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Config.yml | Manage the plugin from a config file.
(Note - Server must be turned off to edit the config)

  Config File

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Guis.yml | Manage the guis from a file.
(Note - Server must be turned off to edit the file)

  GUIS File
  GUIS File

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Messages.yml | Manage the messages from a file.
(Note - Server must be turned off to edit the file)

  Messages File
  Messages File

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/jh | Open the main GUI menu.
/jh help | View all the commands for the plugin.
/jh give (type) (player) [amount] | Give a collector to a player.
/jh create (type) | Create a new collector type.
/jh delete (type) | Delete a collector type.

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Factions | Any factions plugin will work with this.
Skyblock | Any skyblock plugin will work with this.
ShopGUIPlus | Load the shop sell prices from shopguiplus automatically.
HolographicDisplays | Place holograms above your hoppers.
UltimateStacker/WildStacker | Stacked items will be registered through these plugins.
SuperBoosters | When a global/personal booster is active, the sell price will be multiplied for the person selling.

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For support, please either join this discord or
message me personally @ Jak3#9999.

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