[+] 19 different jobs

CaO9EVQ.png Dynamic menu [Requires TexturePack].
CaO9EVQ.png Animated icons.
CaO9EVQ.png A main menu [/jobName].
CaO9EVQ.png JobsReborn configured.
CaO9EVQ.png DeluxeMenus configured.
CaO9EVQ.png Balanced payments (Hard Economy, Points and EXP).
CaO9EVQ.png HEX color support for messages, descriptions and JobsReborn.
CaO9EVQ.png Support for ItemsAdder and Oraxen (Optional).
CaO9EVQ.png Works without Oraxen or ItemsAdder.
CaO9EVQ.png Custom color fireworks when leveling up.
CaO9EVQ.png 2D Heads for the menu.
CaO9EVQ.png Custom messages.
CaO9EVQ.png Custom sound when leveling up.
CaO9EVQ.png Custom sounds in the GUI.
CaO9EVQ.png Level Up system (100 Levels).
CaO9EVQ.png Level Up rewards (60 Levels).
CaO9EVQ.png Progress bar with textures.
CaO9EVQ.png Supported versions 1.16 - 1.19.2
CaO9EVQ.png Constantly updated (In discord).
f0lHbyn.png We do not add a store.
f0lHbyn.png Use without textures: Coming soon.

CaO9EVQ.png Supporting 2 languages:
English / Spanish


  Main Menu
  💼 Jobs Menus
  ✨ BossBar
  📃 Messages and Description

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  🤝 Dependencies:
  🔔 Permissions


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