Note: this plug-in requires more installation work than most other plug-ins. You really need to check the installation section or one of the tutorials.


  1. Download and run the Editor.
  2. Put this plug-in (CustomItems.jar) in your plug-ins folder
  3. Configure the items and textures you want (in the Editor).
  4. Click on the Export... button, and follow the steps (in the Editor).

If you need more detailed information about these steps, ask for help on the Discord server.


This plug-in allows server owners to add custom items with custom textures to their server. A server resourcepack will be used to achieve the custom textures. It will use resourcepack tricks, so no existing minecraft items will be lost.

This plug-in will provide the following features:
  • Simple custom items that have their own texture, but no big other features [img] tag
  • Custom tools, including swords, pickaxes, bows, shields, and more [img] tag
  • Custom armor (but most pieces require Optifine for full functionality) [img] tag
  • Custom crafting recipes (can include both regular minecraft items and custom items from this plug-ins) [img] tag
  • Let mobs and blocks drop custom items (or regular items)
  • Wands and guns that can fire custom projectiles [img] tag[img] tag
  • Custom containers (some kind of custom crafting station/furnace) [img] tag
  • Custom blocks (they have a custom texture, but not many other features yet) [mc 1.13+]

New tutorials

Old basic tutorials

Old advanced tutorials
Custom containers (video):
Wands and guns (text):

If you can, use /kci debug
If that doesn't work, check whether CustomItems is listed in /plugins

Check the wiki for more information.