AntoN356 Dec 13, 2021
Version 2.26.0
This Plugin is really good if you want to have as little lag as possible on yourserver, or no lag at all, this works for everything you could ever need to keep your lag to a minimum. So it is absoluetly worth every penny.
Chantico Mar 2, 2024
Version 2.29.0
no more updates
SexyLemonz Oct 21, 2023
Version 2.29.0
zero support and when you try to get a refund you get no response, the money back guarantee is false.
turbulencjatinymc Jan 2, 2023
Version 2.29.1
terrible support, 10 days of waiting to get response on discord, plugin doesn't work as i thought.
darkchroma Mar 22, 2022
Version 2.28.0
Do not purchase LagAssist. It results in more lag than it tries to solve, even with all the options disabled. We took multiple sample tests, with accurate player base data from a server with a player base of 100+ players. It botched the performance heavily, resulting in half the plugin lag directly from LagAssist, even with all options disabled. I tried contacting Stefatorus; however, he goes silent and does not respond when you send timings reports and the plugin config.

Author's response
Hi, LagAssist was developed to take as little resources as possible. It indeed has situations where it will consume more resources than usual (for example, the statsbar check increases CPU usage due to it having to check chunks on newer versions that make chunk loading async), but they are turned off by default and have explicit notifications of the issues that can pop out. Please contact me on my personal discord and I'll help you get your issues sorted.
Askarionn Jul 30, 2021
Version 2.24.0
Excellent tool for Anti-Lag and very nice support.

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