2.29.0 Jul 2, 2023
Update for 1.20 support

Updated to support 1.20 and ideally future versions automatically.

2.29.1 Aug 8, 2022
[Bug Fixes] Stacker "ALL" spawn reasons not behaving properly
Mob Stacker Improvements
Resolved issue causing "ALL" catch-all spawn reason to make killing mobs multiply stacks.

2.29.0 Jun 19, 2022
[1.19 Support] Resolved reflection issues #1
Improved 1.19 Support
Resolved issue causing constant spamming in console due to tps checking.

2.28.0 Jan 2, 2022
[Bug Fixes] Cloud System for Benchmark
Changed benchmarking tool system
The benchmarking tool now uses a LagAssist server to work in the cloud, which should improve results and make benchmarking easier.

2.27.0 Dec 13, 2021
1.18 Support
1.18 comes with a larger world height, improved world generation, and more, and lagassist is ready to provide support for that

2.26.0 Sep 29, 2021
Plugin Graphic Redesign
Benchmark Improvement
The benchmark was updated to use Cloudflare's innovative speed test, with nodes all over the world. This should ensure a more accurate speed result for both upload and download speeds.

Design Changes
The colors the plugin uses were adapted to the EntryRise logo. This is a visual change, but shows our re-started work on modernizing the plugin to ensure quality.

2.25.0 Sep 21, 2021
[The Stacker Update] More Stacker Features!
Mob-Stacker Changes
Added minimum stack size feature.
Added stack reasons check to allow limiting stacking to only specific spawn reasons.

(!) Due to the additional features that were added, the stacker may now be heavier performance-wise. If you see the stacker having unusually high usage in timings, please let me know.

2.24.2 Sep 11, 2021
Client-side optimizer fixes
I've looked and found a potential solution to making the client-side optimizer work with the last changes in paper without detrimentially affecting performance

Work in progress for improved status verification
We will implement a integration with the new system at Entryrise to provide you with live information about your performance, optimization requirements, etc.

2.24.1 Aug 6, 2021
[Bug Fixes] Added configurable option to disable limiter for named mobs & fixed typo
Added configurable limiter option
You can now configure if you want the mob to ignore named mobs. This is a good solution for preventing removing pets, etc.

Fixed several issues in config
Fixed message in config saying that the mob stacker uses a blacklist when it actually uses a whitelist.

2.24.0 Jul 29, 2021
[Snapshot] Initial 1.17 Support

1.17 Support
1.17 is one of the most complex Minecraft updates over the years, and LagAssist is now supporting it. We've worked on migrating our NMS API to the new mappings provided by Mojang, and now used by spigot. While this is a BETA version, we hope we will soon manage to release a full-blown and valid release!

2.21.2 Jun 6, 2020