• Upgrades
    • Beehive Capacity
      • Increase the maximum number of bees in the beehive.
    • Honey Capacity
      • Increase the maximum number of honey in the beehive.
    • Pollinate
      • Increase the amount of honey when bees pollinate.
    • Regeneration
      • Restores bee health after each completed pollination.
    • Bee Health
      • Increases the bee's maximum health.
    • Bee Stinger
      • Increases the number of times bees can sting.
    • Bee Strength
      • Increase the strength of bees.
  • Harvest System
    • Can be harvested with many different tools
    • Each tool has a different drop list
  • Crafting Recipe
    • Custom LemonBeehive recipe
  • Link to Chest
    • When harvested, the item will be transferred to the linked chest



  • Upgrades



  • Harvest System



  • Crafting Recipe



  • Link to Chest




  • /beehive admin - Open the admin UI
  • /beehive get <amount> - Get {amount} LemonBeehive
  • /beehive give <player> <amount> - Give to player {amount} LemonBeehive
  • /beehive reload-config - Reload all configuration of LemonBeehive plugin
  • /beehive help - Display help command
  • /beehive version - Show version of LemonBeehive plugin



  • LemonBeehive.admin - All permissions of LemonBeehive plugin
  • LemonBeehive.commands.* - All permissions of LemonBeehive commands
  • LemonBeehive.commands.version - Use the /beehive version command
  • LemonBeehive.commands.get - Use the /beehive get command
  • LemonBeehive.commands.give - Use the /beehive give command
  • LemonBeehive.commands.admin - Use the /beehive admin command
  • LemonBeehive.commands.reload-config - Use the /beehive admin command



  • When you need help or have any questions, you can message me directly through discord or join my server to get help.