this is a very simple plugin that animates the ActionBar when gaining experience, getting a new lvl

required plugin:

- itemsadder


Items Adder Config;  plugin.


photo textures:


frequently asked questions and their answers:

how should i install it? - you need to move the plugin to the Plugins folder, download the texture pack on our discord server, and move it to the contents folder of the ItemsAdder plugin.

I bought it but I want a refund. How can i do this? - we cannot refund your money, we do not have access to this

The plugin doesn't work for me, or I don't understand what to do. - you need to go to our discord server and ask how to use it

how to install them in itemsAdder:

1. open the ItemsAdder folder in the resource you downloaded in our discord server

2. open the contents folder in your server's ItemsAdder folder

3. move the animation folder from the zip to the contents folder

4. write in console or chat /iazip and /levelanimation reload to apply the changes