LibreLogin is an open-source, multiplatform and a highly customizable authentication plugin with outstanding features and API.
A complete set of features, guides, and other things is available on the wiki!
Do you miss any features? Or does anything not work as expected? Do not hesitate and open an issue on our GitHub issue tracker.
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  • Automatic Login for premium players
    Players can choose whether they want to auto-login or not.
    You can choose to enable auto login for premium players on the register in the config.
  • TOTP 2FA
    LibreLogin is the only proxy authentication plugin on the market that offers 2FA via TOTP (Google Authenticator, Authy, etc.). This is a great choice if you want to make sure your accounts stay safe.
    See the wiki page.
  • Bedrock Edition Support
    LibreLogin offers support for players connecting from Bedrock Edition via Floodgate. All players connecting via Floodgate will be exempt from authentication and handled similarly to Premium players. They however cannot execute most commands.
    As the only proxy authentication plugin, LibreLogin also supports Floodgate player linking.
    See the wiki page.
  • Name Validation
  • Sessions
    Your players do not have to log in every time they join if they've used the same IP as the last time. You can configure the duration in which they are allowed to do this in the configuration.
  • Automatic and Manual Data Moving Between Names (Inventories, plugin data, etc.) in one command
    LibreLogin automatically detects when a player with enabled autologin has changed their name and automatically moves their stuff to their new nick. You can also initiate this process on any player via a command.
  • Load Balancing
    LibreLogin firstly connects players to limbo and when they authenticate they are sent to the lobby, chosen by the lowest players. (You can modify this using the API)
    All servers are periodically pinged to verify whether they are online.
  • Vast API
    You can customize almost everything using the API, this makes LibreLogin easy to integrate into your network with minimal effort. Check the docs for further details
  • Documented
    Most parts of LibreLogin's behavior are documented. See the wiki for further details.
  • Velocity And Bungee support
    Spigot support is also planned.
  • Converting from other plugins
    LibreLogin currently supports conversion from a lot of other systems, check this site. If you have another type of database, please follow the guide on our GitHub.
  • RedisBungee
    LibreLogin has support for multi-proxies setup via RedisBungee.
  • Open-Source
    The plugin is and always will be completely open-source, so you don't need to be worried about malware or other naughties