Quick overview: Lifesteal at its core allows for players to gain an extra heart when killing players and lose a heart when dying. LifestealCore which is a heavily tested and extremely configurable plugin, takes this basic concept and elevates it to make your server stand out with the many additional custom features it offers. If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Please note that every single feature is tweakable and togglable, if you don't like a feature you can simply disable it!

View the default config file here!
View the default messages file here!
View the default items file here!

• Fully configure and tweak every feature

· Admin commands to set, add, remove, eliminate and revive players.
· Select the total amount of hearts, hearts for starters, hearts after unban.
· Extremely configurable items (beacons, hearts, effect hearts), choose names, lores, materials, custom skulls, custom models, flags, glow, recipes, and create as many item tiers as you want.
· Define worlds where players don't lose hearts when dying.
· Define worlds where players get instantly eliminated when dying.

[Item] Revive Beacons
· Create revive beacon tiers with different revive times, durability (hits they can take before breaking), cooldowns, particle effects & holograms. (Check beacons section in items.yml)
· Define a custom command so that players can bind beacons to a player they want to revive.
· Display a hologram with live stats above the beacon (show time left until revive, durability left, player being revived).
· Send a broadcast with the beacon location whenever a revive beacon is placed (there is an option for beacons to be silent).

[Item] Restorative Hearts
· Create heart tiers that add x amount of hearts whenever consumed. Set cooldowns for them and chances to randomly drop when killing a player. (Check the hearts section in items.yml)
· Choose whether or not to directly apply or drop them as an item on player x player kill.
· Mob deaths can be more punishing (e.g Blazes decrease hearts by 2, Ghasts by 3, etc.) or disable heart loss for mobs.
· Environmental deaths can be more punishing (e.g Drowning decreases hearts by 2, Fall Damage by 3, etc.) or disable heart loss for other causes.
· Define permission-based heart loss.
· NEW! Set player-specific heart caps (e.g donators have a total of 5 hearts more, etc.)

[Item] Sacrificial Hearts
· Create sacrificial heart tiers that take x amount of hearts and provide a temporary buff (potion effects). (Check effecthearts section in items.yml).

• Menu for Players
· Players can access their own lifesteal menu (not admin menu) and execute various commands such as "check" which shows the status of another player, or "revive" that'll revive a player with the cost of hearts.

• [Important] Anti Exploit Features
· Prevent heart steal/drops if both players are on the same IP.
· Prevent heart steal/drops if a player is killed by the same player within x seconds.

• Withdraw hearts onto notes
· Let your players withdraw hearts onto physical items with DeluxeWithdraw. (Get DeluxeWithdraw for 50% cheaper if you purchase LifestealCore).

• Permission-based Ban Times
· Define ban times based on permissions, which allows you to set smaller ban times for donators, etc.

• Quality of Life Features
· Automatically discover custom recipes for items (1.9+).
· Fully customizable messages including chat (option to auto-center), actionbars, and titles. (RGB Support)
· Fully customizable sounds (option for power and pitch), for every command and event.
· Placeholders to use wherever you want. (PlaceholderAPI)
· Use any PlaceholderAPI placeholder in plugin messages.

• General Quality
· Clickable chat menu with command suggestions and command executions.
· Auto-updating configurations on plugin updates.
· Works on versions throughout 1.8 - Latest.
· Frequent updates & fixes & support.

• Developer API JitPack - JavaDocs

Servers using LifestealCore:

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