Stingray Setups

we are brand new to making servers and selling them and our goal is to become a highly rated and trusted server setup source! we have plenty of experience with setting up awesome servers and we sadly failed to create our own servers with a community since we wanted to everything for free, but we found something thats still fun for us, benefits other people and still lets people see what we can do and enjoy the servers we make! 

Preview server IP:


ANTI-CHEAT • Helps prevent players from cheating as well as notifys staff members when a player is doing something suspicious.

LIFESTEAL SMP • We use the LIFESTEAL SMP plugin as our core it works great and is compatible with lots of other plugins.

PLAYER REPORTS • Your players can report a player with a custom reason if they believe they are cheating or have a unfair advantage.

AUCTION HOUSE • Your players can create listing for items they have for others to purchase.

CRATES • Reward players with keys to be able to open crates and win cool prizes. 3 premade crates.

PVP ZONE • A specific area for players to fight or look for fights.

GUI SHOP • Awesome menus and lots of different items always available for purchase.

NPC SHOP • NPC shortcut to open GUI Shop.

NPC WARPS/RTP • Easy to access teleports.

MULTI VERSION SUPPORT • Supporta minecraft version 1.8 - 1.20.2 and can easily be updated in the future.

TEAMS • Create a team for you and your friends, includes  a team tag, disabled pvp for team members, team chat, ally's and more.

BALANCED ECONOMY • Items are priced fairly for buying and selling so it is a somewhat grind to become rich so that players have something to work towards.

COMBAT LOG • Kills a player if they log out right after dealing damage to another player

REVIVE BEACONS • If a friend or teammate loses all their lives you can craft a revive beacon to bring them back.

WITHDRAW HEARTS • If a friend or teammate is low on hearts you can withdraw hearts and give it to them.

HEART SHARDS • Allows you to craft extra hearts.

SILK SPAWNERS • Lets you mine any spawner you find with a silk touch pickaxe to create farms or to resell it.

SEMI VANILLA • Somewhat vanilla gameplay with some extra features to create a fun experience. 

VOID SPAWN • Teleports a player back to spawn if they fall into the void.

LEADERBOARDS • Custom leaderboards to display the top 3 teams, kills and deaths.

RANKS • 3 Fully configured ranks. (Default, VIP, MVP)

STAFF RANKS • 4 Fully configured staff ranks. (Owner, Developer, Admin, Moderator)

COSMETICS • Pets/Projectile particles and death effects to add to YOUR store.

CRATE ENVOY •  Crate Envoy that happens every 4 hours in the PVP arena to reward players that risk losing their items.

BACKPACKS • VIP/MVP ranks spawn with a backpack (vip 3 rows/mvp 6 rows) backpack items drop on death.

SKILLS • A way players can level up their character and makes the game more interesting.

BOUNTYS · Set bounties on players to get them KILLED!

TRADE SYSTEM · Lets players complete trades with /trade.

JOBS · Players can earn ingame money by working.

CUSTOM COIN SHOP · A EULA complaint ingame store for players to purchase ranks and keys.

DAILY REWARDS · Rewards players by logging in daily/weekly/monthly.

VOUCHERS · Create or use premade vouchers. (premade: 30d VIP, 30d MVP)

this setup is in 'beta' as i believe it isnt fully finished and i will keep adding new features as well as fixing any bugs i come across.

Lastly if you are wondering why the server is "cheap" it is so we can show  you what we are offering with a cheaper price so that most people can afford  it! In the future depending on the quality of the server and how much time it makes to create it we may increase the price of it but we will always try create affordable  and GOOD servers for YOU!