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Quick overview: At its core, Lifesteal is a plugin that enables players to gain an additional heart when they kill other players, while losing a heart themselves when they die. With LifestealCore, however, this basic concept is taken to the next level, providing a highly customizable and thoroughly tested plugin that includes a wide range of custom features designed to make your server truly unique.

If you have any questions about LifestealCore or need any assistance with its configuration, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm always happy to help!

Please note that every single feature is tweakable and togglable, if you don't like a feature you can simply disable it!

View the default config file here!
View the default messages file here!
View the default items file here!

• Fully configure and tweak every feature
· Admin commands for player management, including setting, adding, removing hearts, eliminating, and reviving players.
· Customize heart settings such as total amount, starting hearts, and hearts after unban.
· Highly configurable items such as beacons, hearts, and effect hearts with options for names, lores, materials, custom skulls, models, flags, glow, and recipes. Multiple item tiers can be created. (Recipes available only on 1.18+).
· Define worlds where players don't lose hearts upon death.
· Define worlds where players are immediately eliminated upon death.

[NEW] Free Resource Pack w/ Custom Textures
· LifestealCore comes bundled with a free resource pack that includes custom textures for all of the plugin's default items (including 3 heart textures and 3 scroll textures). You can take a look at some screenshots of these textures at the bottom of this thread!
Disclaimer: The resource pack has been tested on 1.18 - latest, if you want to get it working on earlier versions you have to port it yourself.

[Item] Revive Beacons
· Configure different tiers of revive beacons with varying revive times, durability, cooldowns, particle effects, and holograms. (See "Beacons" section in items.yml)
· Define a custom command that allows players to assign a revive beacon to a player of their choice.
· Display a hologram above the revive beacon with real-time stats, including time remaining until revive, durability remaining, and the player being revived.
· Broadcast the location of any placed revive beacons, with the option to make them silent.

[Item] Restorative Hearts
· Set up heart tiers that grant an additional x number of hearts when consumed. You can also configure their cooldowns and chances of dropping randomly after killing a player. (Refer to the hearts section in items.yml)
· Decide whether to directly apply or drop them as an item when one player kills another.
· Adjust heart loss penalties for mobs to make them more punishing (e.g Blazes decrease hearts by 2, Ghasts by 3, etc.), or disable heart loss for mobs altogether.
· Adjust heart loss penalties for environmental deaths to make them more punishing (e.g Drowning decreases hearts by 2, Fall Damage by 3, etc.), or disable heart loss for other causes.
· Define permission-based heart loss.
· Set player-specific heart caps (e.g donators can have 5 additional hearts in total).

[Item] Sacrificial Scrolls
· Sacrificial items, by default scrolls, can be created that consume x amount of hearts and grant temporary potion effect buffs. See the effecthearts section in items.yml for more information.

• Menu for Players
· Players have access to a personal lifesteal menu (distinct from the admin menu) where they can execute commands like "check" to view another player's status or "revive" to bring a player back to life at the cost of hearts.

[Important] Anti-Exploit Features
· Prevent heart steal or drops if both players are on the same IP, or if a player is killed by the same player within a specified number of seconds.

Withdraw hearts onto notes
· Players can use DeluxeWithdraw to convert their hearts into physical items. LifestealCore users can purchase DeluxeWithdraw at a 50% discounted price.

• Permission-based Ban Times

· You can set different ban durations based on permissions, allowing you to assign shorter ban times for donators or other specified groups.

• Support for 3rd party plugins
· LifestealCore provides hooks to seamlessly work with other plugins. Including CombatLogX, DeluxeCombat, PvPManager. 
If you have any questions regarding if a plugin is supported, please contact me!

• Norska Development Resource Quality
· Automatic configuration updates with new plugin versions.
· Customizable messages with chat, actionbars, and titles. RGB color support and auto-centering are available.
· Customizable sounds for each command and event with adjustable power and pitch.
· Compatible with PlaceholderAPI, offering placeholders for messages and custom commands.
· Supports the use of any PlaceholderAPI placeholders in messages for dynamic information display.

• Developer API GitHub

(To see the custom textures in-game it is required to install the free resource pack that comes with the plugin)

Default Heart Items:


Default Sacrificial Scrolls Items:


Default Revive Beacons Items:





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