Litebans | EssentialsX | AdvancedBan - PunishGUI | UnPunishGUI | StaffGUI
This is a configuration of "MyCommands" which has been coded from scratch and tested numerous times.
Works with BungeeCord | Waterfall
Ability to use multiple Designs at once!
This configuration is so amazing because you can edit every part of it and make your server unique.
  Design 1 (LiteBans, AdvancedBan, EssentialsX) - REVAMP

  Design 2 (LiteBans, AdvancedBan)

  Design 3 (LiteBans, AdvancedBan)

  Design 1 - UnPunish (LiteBans - 1.8 - 1.19.x)

  /moderation (StaffGUI)

  Freeze (located in every GUI)

Example Of Punishment
  How It Works
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Not Sure How To Install?
Do not worry, if you're having any issues when installing this configuration please contact me on mc-m and I will help you out with any issues!
(In the downloaded file you will find all plugins and configurations, just drop them in your plugin folder and everything should work!)

  TOS - Read before buying