Players often become hostages of their home. Equip it and do not go further than 500 blocks from it. But this plugin changes everything! Thanks to it, you can give players your pocket bases, which will allow them to travel around the world, explore it, and at any time, climb into their pocket, where their cozy house will be located.

It can also be used as just temporary, compact travel bases so as not to lug your whole house around.

Do you want to give a house to a player? Just DROP it in his hands :D

Portal mechanics

The player can activate the teleporter and move there, or create a temporary portal where everyone can enter

You can create custom animations for any portal

How the plugin works

You create a base template and bind an item to it. This item may be in multiple copies.

When a player activates this item, a copy of your pre-prepared base will be created and linked to the player's item permanently. The number of such bases is not limited, it all depends on how many such items you create in the world (you can add them to cases or for completing achievements).

Also, after a certain time, if there is no one in the world, then this measurement is unloaded from the server's RAM, which does not create a large load

World Template

You can customize any type of world you want, like their biomes/structures and such. Starting from the usual pocket base, finishing up to the pocket parkour challenge


What is it for?

Many do not like the teleport system on the servers, which allows players to teleport anywhere, but you really want to build a metro that everyone will use...

This plugin allows you to remove the teleport system from your server, while not causing discomfort to the players, but on the contrary, providing them with an interesting and comfortable survival. Players will not shuffle to a location in the main world, but will be transported to their "pocket" dimension, where they can build their house, and then move back to the point where they were last.

Also, a great solution, you can add this item to the case with a very small chance, and on the server it will be a very rare artifact that everyone will want (Admit it, almost everyone dreams of their secret pocket dimension, where no one can get except them :D)