This plugin allows you to create custom dungeons of any size. Configure internal events, the chance of their appearance, as well as custom items in chests and the chances of the chests themselves appearing.

About mechanics

You can create a dungeon template, set up all sorts of events in it, and create a key for this dungeon. After activating the key, a new world will be created where the player will be transported. This key works 1 time and will be spent. The player can travel alone or with his friends.


You can create custom animations for any portal
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Why frames?

All events are configured using item frames. This is due to the fact that these items are vanilla and include exclusively vanilla mechanics. That is, you will be able to use your dungeons on new versions minecraft, I don’t think that new updates to Minecraft will somehow affect the item frames. You can also easily share your dungeons with friends by simply sending them this map. It does not include any additional third-party data, only a vanilla Minecraft map. You can also create your own dungeons using third-party applications/minecraft map editors.



You can find out more about creating events on the official WiKi:

How the dungeon works

After the player activates the key. A dungeon (new world) is created. Where all the events and settings you specified in the dungeon template are initialized. After which the player gets into it and passes. After all players have left the dungeon, if no one is in it for 30 seconds. It is automatically unloaded from memory and deleted. This applies to all dungeon types. Also, the worlds in which templates are created are maximally optimized, which will not cause a load. They disable day and night cycles, weather, as well as the creation and generation of new chunks.

You can find out more about creating a dungeon on the official Wiki:

Interesting features

You can create non-linear story generation in dungeons. You can create events and chests that appear with a certain chance. For example, you can create a chest that appears with a 1% chance and opens access to a secret boss room containing a very rare artifact.

You can also disable health generation in a dungeon. The player will only be able to regenerate their health through potions or regeneration effects.

There is also a built-in parameter that prohibits players from breaking or placing blocks in the dungeon, which will not allow them to make their way to the final room


ShowCase pattern map:

An example of what a dungeon map looks like in edit mode.