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Everyone wanted to get rid of annoying phantoms, but at the same time leaving the sleep mechanics in minecraft.
This plugin adds sleep mechanics, almost like in real life. The better you stick to your routine, the better you sleep and the more energetic you feel. Don't monitor your sleep at all? Get insomnia and you can no longer sleep, you need to buy medicine.

Sleep mechanics


Player has energy (default 40 minutes)

Each player has sleep statistics. Initially, he can only sleep 70% of the time (28 minutes), if he goes to bed on time (with energy at 10-30 percent), then for every good sleep, he will receive points. For good - positive, for bad - negative. The more a player follows a sleep schedule, the better his sleep becomes, i.e. with 5 good dreams in a row he will be able to sleep 85%, with 10 good dreams in a row up to 100%. With poor sleep it works the same way, with 5 bad sleep - 65%, with 10 bad sleep - 50%.



In the config implement stages (sleep stage in percentage range, for example 100-90% energy)

Each stage can include permanent effects, temporary effects and random effects

Below is a description of the basic config that is added by default

  • 100-85%  
    • SPEED 1
  • 85-70%
    • SPEED 1
  • 70-30% EMPTY
  • 30-20% 
    • SLOW 1
  • 20-10% 
    • SLOW 1
    • 50% chance DARKNESS 1
  • 10-0%
    • SLOW 3
    • 20% chance DARKNESS 1
    • 20% chance WITHER 1
  • 0%
    • SLOW 3
    • 40% chance DARKNESS 1
    • 40% chance WITHER 1

Energy drinks and medications

You can initialize an item that, when you eat them, will be used.

Energy drinks add a percentage to your alertness if you eat them. Doesn't work for insomnia

/lsleep items add energy 10 (You need to hold the item in your hands that you want to add)


The cure for insomnia works with a certain chance, which you set

/lsleep items add insomnia 20 (You need to hold the item in your hands that you want to add)


You can initialize any items, also with NBT date and custom models from the resource pack


Each stage allows you to add interactivity at each stage

  • messages - A set of messages. When a player reaches this stage, a random message from this list will be selected and shown to the player
  • effects - An effect that will be applied to the player upon reaching the stage. The effect can be configured to trigger, which is checked every 10 seconds of real time (200 ticks). Each effect contains:
    • potionEffects - effects that will be applied to the player
    • sounds - sounds that will be played to the player
    • particles - particles that will be summoned around the player (hallucinations)

Below is the config of an additional effect for insomnia, which triggers once every 10 seconds with a 40% chance

          "name": "Hard dizziness",
          "chance": 0.4,
          "potionEffects": [
              "duration": 10,
              "lvl": 1,
              "effectName": "DARKNESS"
              "duration": 5,
              "lvl": 1,
              "effectName": "WITHER"
          "sounds": [
          "particles": [

Night cycle


You can set a custom time of night (in seconds)
You can either shorten the time of the vanilla night or increase it as much as you want



%sleep_now% (Energy)