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LiveAtlas is an alternative frontend which aims to provide a more modern interface and improved performance for busy maps. LiveAtlas is a drop-in replacement for DynmapSquaremapPl3xmap and Overviewer maps are supported with some additional configuration.

Development is ongoing, but the major features of each map plugin are supported.

You can see it in action here

Supported map features

See the wiki

Chrome 66+Supported Browsers

  • Edge 18+
  • Firefox 60+
  • Opera 53+
  • Safari 11.1+

IE is not supported


See the wiki


The index.html file can be edited to add custom favicons, styles or analytics, just like the map plugins original UIs. All LiveAtlas messages can also be modified here for translation purposes. You are also free to build LiveAtlas yourself to make further changes.


If you find a bug, please create an issue with as must detail as possible. I'm working on this in my spare time, so fixes are on a best effort basis, but I'll eventually find time for them.

If you have questions, you can use the LiveAtlas #discussion channel in the M.O.S.S Discord

Please do not contact the Dynmap, Squaremap, Pl3xmap or Overviewer teams regarding any issue with LiveAtlas.


First run npm install to install LiveAtlas dependencies. You can then either run npm run serve to start a local dev server, or npm run build to build.