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A Clean and simple to edit Bungee & Lobby setup, this has been made for people that like to have a lobby without all the unnecessary and confusing extras.

Test Server: spaceley.nebulahost.net

⭐ My test servers are proudly sponsored by NebulaHost ⭐

This setup goes perfectly with my Survival Setup and my Skyblock Setup, they use the same ranks so you can configure a global rank system. (You need to have a database for this)
These setups are not required for this lobby, you can connect any server you want!

This setup runs on native 1.17.1.
No premium plugins needed, Citizens is free here.

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BungeeCord Features:
  • Anti Bot.
  • Anti Plugin Steal.
  • Global Message System.
  • Global Network Announcements.
  • Global Tablist.
  • Global StaffChat.
Lobby Features:
  • Beautiful Exclusive Spawn.
  • Anti-World Downloader.
  • Server Selector.
  • Player Hider.
  • Server Information.
  • Announcements.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Tablist.
  • NPS's
  • Vote Menu.
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Support is provided through MCM and Discord if you need any help with the resource. JOIN HERE