This Resource goes hand-in-hand with my Proxy Setup.
This Resource goes hand-in-hand with my Auth Setup.
Features List:
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• Server Selector.
• Custom Tab & Scoreboard Design.
• Beautiful Premium Lobby Build.
• Information NPC's.
• Gorgeous Holograms.
• Hide & Show Players.
• Information Commands.
• Chat Format & Custom Essential Messages.
• Custom Join & Leave Messages.
• 9 Amazing Gradient Ranks.
• Plugin Hider.
• Void-TP.
• /Sit, /Lay, /Spin & /Crawl commands.
• Hub PvP, very fun feature for players!
• Cosmetic Hats.
• Auto Restarts.
• Lobby Parkour.
• Tags System.
Images & Test Server:
Test Server Available:
Build By Magma Studios