Lobby Hider Pro is a extensive lobby hiding system which allows players
to easily manage their hiding settings through a GUI interface. The plugin is created for the latest version of Minecraft, but should work fine for versions over 1.12.2.

Legacy Version: COMING SOON

1: Use a GUI interface in order to manage your current settings for the lobby hider system.

2: Currently there are 3 options for your hiding, you can choose between: Hide All, Hide All Exempt VIP, Hide None and these are all different items you can press in the GUI. (The VIP is a VIP permission and it can be customized and changed).

3. Always updated to be working perfectly for newer versions!

4. Great support!


1) Download the plugin
2) Put it in your plugins folder
3) Restart the server
4) Execute /hider
5) Press the setting you want
6) Exit the GUI!
7) Done.

Discord Support: Xemu#2752
You can also contact me on site, but if you do not get a response please dm me on discord.​