This is a simple 'plug and play' plugin that adds a difficulty to creatures, and a Level Indication based on their distance from Spawn. The current formula to get the mobs level is by default as follows...

(((Distance from closest spawnpoint) - CenterBuffer) / Distance) + 1 = Mob Level
  • This gives the result of creatures 0 - 49 blocks from spawn = Level 1. 50-99 = Level 2, etc
  • The distance value of, 50, can be modified by your own choice
What these levels change and add...
  1. Increases Damage / Health a monster has (these levels play into configurable formulas that increase damage and health)
  2. Adds armor to creatures at specific increments (configurable)
  3. Gives different loot drops based on level

Level Regions

Level regions can be created (in conjunction with World Guard) to create zones of stronger/weaker mobs!
You simply create a level region with the worldguard id and give it a level!

From there you can customize mob names based on regions!

Health Bar

The fully configurable health bar system can be tweaked to your hearts content to get the exact feel you are looking for! There are a few options you have (Chat, ActionBar, Placeholder, HealthBar). Each of these options gets you the info you want for a mob displayed to the people you want to know!

Additionally it works with MythicMobs and other plugins that spawn mobs with custom names

ActionBar Example

NOTE: The hologram (-2.63) is from another plugin of mine called RpgItems! Come on my discord for information and download!

Mob Variants

In the newer versions I have introduced mob variants! These variants allow there to be some randomization in terms of the creatures you will run into. Anything from "Poisonous" to "Explosive", or "Weak" to "Sturdy". All the variants are configurable allowing you full control over how these act, and if you don't want one? Disable it!

  • /lrm - displays all available commands of the ones listed below (if not listed check permissions)
  • /lrm butcher [radius] - kills all entities loaded in world that aren't tamed
  • /lrm region - access to all region commands
  • /lrm reload - saves/reloads config files
  • /lrm spawnpoint - access to all spawnpoint commands
  • /lrm update - updates the plugin, takes effect after server restart


  • lrm.admin - gives access to most the commands above
  • lrm.butcher - gives access to the butcher command
  • lrm.update - gives access to /lrm update - uses auto updater to allow for automatic updates!

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Conflicting Plugins

Supported Plugins
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Hey guys! I have a discord server for discussion/requests/issues about the plugin. Feel free to come in and chat about plugin development as well! All discussion/conversation is welcome! If you are using the plugin you are welcome to advertise your server in the specified channel.
Link to Discord Server:

Found a Bug?
If you're having issues please provide the following in a on my discord for fast resolution!
  • bukkit version
  • LRM version
  • links to a Pastebin including your config files and the error