1.8.4 May 19, 2020
Level Region Integration - Grief Prevention

Version 1.8.4

- Grief Prevention claims can now be leveraged as Level Regions. Letting you set mob level and mob names per claim!

Come on the discord for assistance or follow these steps to add more Rpg Functionality to your claims! (Admin only commands)

1) Stand in a claimed area
2) use /lrm region gpset <level> - to set the level of that claim
3) Edit in config.yml under that created region to set other settings like name/boss replacements etc
4) use /lrm region here - to get the claim id and such in the future

1.8.3 May 17, 2020
Minor fixes for HealthBar and TardisWeepingAngel integration

Version 1.8.3
- TardisWeepingAngels integration

- Couple of small bugs/issues around health bar
- Name showing replaced name when a mob dropped money

1.8.3 May 17, 2020