With Lucky Pouches you're able to create pouches that give random amounts of Money, EXP or any currency!
Choose from a variety of eye appealing animations, and design your own pouches!

You can also make your own animations by using the API, it's super easy!

Pouch Shops

You can also create good looking Pouch Shops!
That way your players can have easy access to your amazing pouches!

Don't know how to make a Pouch Shop sign?
Here's how



Create, edit and access any Pouches directly in-game via a Wonderful GUI without the need of a server restart!
Vault is required in order to allow the Pouches to give money!

Feel free to hook your own currency or make your own animations by using the API!

Commands Permissions Configuration Wiki


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» You are not permitted to decompile and/or modify the product in any form.
» These terms of service can change at any given time and you agree to abide by the most recent version of this.

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