Supported MC Versions1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16
Req. Server SoftwareSpigot
Basic Commands/luckyblocks

  1. A ressource pack for your LuckyBlocks. Here is an example <It is a really small example just to give you an example
  2. WorldGuard 6.x
  3. WorldEdit 6.x to define region
  4. Spigot 1.8-1.15
  5. Vault
  6. Permission plugin (PEX, groupmanager, etc)
  7. Mine management plugin (PrisonMinesMineMe, etc), because you need this to add LuckyBlocks into your mines

  1. LeaderHeads if you want leaderboards
  2. LeaderHeads Extension to add stats on your website or leaderboards signs
  3. LeaderHeads Web add-on if you want LuckyBlock stats on your website
  4. ProQuests if you want to create quests

  • Add luckyblocks in your prison server mines
  • Luckyblocks color and style are 100% configurable. You simply need to create a ressourcepack to fit what you want. The only limit is your imagination.
  • Per WorldGuard region rewards
  • Rewards base on chance (%)
  • Rewards need to be a command
  • Permission to open each luckyblocks
  • Permission to double rewards for luckyblocks
  • Custom name for luckyblocks
  • Choose the item for your luckyblocks. Check HERE
  • Choose where luckyblocks can be break per WG region.
  • No rewards chance if you want.
  • No lags because it doesn't spawn chest or enderchest
  • Leaderheads support
  • Leaderheads Web Add-on support
  • ProQuests support
  • And lot more

  • luckyblocks.OPBox <--This will allow the player to break the "OPBox" luckyblock.
  • luckyblocks.2 <-- This give 2 rewards instead of one to the player base on all rewards for this luckyblocks in the player region. You can use any numbers between "2" and "15" in the new update
    PLEASE NOTE that if you are OP, you need to negate everything between 2 and 15. A OP will get 15 rewards for EACH luckyblocks. This is normal, so negate luckyblocks.2 to luckyblocks.15

  • /luckyblocks reload <-- This reload the config. OP ONLY
  • /luckyblocks about <-- You can find information about the plugin. OP ONLY

This is a simple example for 1 luckyblock using STAINED_CLAY.
Spoiler: config.yml

Spoiler: messages.yml

Inside a mine. A yellow blocks are the luckyblocks

Spoiler: More Pictures

If you use it on your server, simply PM me your server adress and I will add it here.
Servers use this:
None for the moment

  • To change the luckyblock spawning rate into mines, you NEED to edit the block % inside each mine config.
  • Please note that if you want leaderheads support, you will need to download luckyblock-extension.
  • The main idea of this plugin is to run ONE command PER reward.
    You can use an external plugin to run multiple commands into one command if you really want this.

Please note that by buying this plugin you agree to the following!
1 - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
2 - You may not modify the code, without my permission.
3 - Only use it for your server/network! ONE use per bungeecoord network. For more use, contact me.
4 - No stupid reviews, such as (Its missing features! or the dev isn't adding features i request) Because the features are in the main page! and you knew them before purchasing, so no complaining!
5 - No refunds
6 - I can change the price at any time
7- I am not force to update it