| Description

LuckyStock is a system that mimics virtual real stocks. The whole system is mainly using GUI to run. It means all function is operating in player inventory. The system will change each stock per day. And the plate includes stock. Each plate contains 8 stock in default. You can create more plates or stock if you want to. The stock will change per day. And then news also will affect the stock. It has 56 stock and 120 news defaults. You can make more stock or news. You can buy and sell the share or stock. The news also can be active by players' events. All transactions can be done in GUI. Very unique and you may have never seen that before.

► All the buy share is to calculate the stock with tax and handling fee
► All the buy stock is to calculate the average of all the stock in a plate with extra cost or over-ride cost
► It could create the stock by using GUI and chatbox
► It could buy or sell stock/share by using GUI
► It could edit the stock by using GUI and chatbox
► The stock includes tax, increasing tax, name, texture, lore, lore2
► the increasing tax means the tax increase per day
► the tax is the default when someone buys the share it would with a default tax
► The plate includes liquidation, when the stock in the plate is lower than the liquidation value, it will be winding up the stock.

| Features

► Stock markets have open time and close time
► All the transactions can be done in GUI
► Players could create stock in GUI and chatbox
► Players could transfer the stock to others in GUI
► Players can check out the news progress and do some action to prevent the news active or not.
► Multi-selection for selling shares in GUI
► Buy or sell stock/share in GUI
► News info GUI including all the news progress and the active news
► The news will detect the player events to choose whether active the news
► The stock owner could earn the money from tax when other players buy a share
► The stock can be over-ride owner when someone wants to buy the stock with over-ride cost
► All the stock can be bought and when the stock is winding up, It will remove the owner.



This plugin requires a placeholder API and Vault



| Permission

LuckyStock.admin ► executes the admin commands

LuckyStock.nolate ► showing the real balance for the stock

LuckyStock.nofee ► buying stock or share without handling fee

LuckyStock.notax ► buying stock or share without tax

LuckyStock.message ► showing when player bought the share

LuckyStock.search ► search player information


| Command

/stock ► opens the main GUI

/stock help ► send you a command list in the chatbox

/stock rank ► check the rank list

/stock check [StockCode] ► check the stock by using code

/stock buystock [StockCode] ► buy the stock by using code

/stock sellstock [StockCode] ► sell the stock by using code

/stock buy [StockCode] [Quantity] ► buy share by using code

/stock sell [StockCode] [Quantity] ► sell share by using code

/stock transfer [StockCode] [PlayerName] ► transfer the stock to player


requires permission LuckyStock.search command

/stock search [PlayerName] ► check the player info


requires permission LuckyStock.admin command

/stock clear [PlayerName] share ► clear player all the share

/stock clear [PlayerName] stock ► clear player all the stock

/stock set [StockCode] [Balance] ► set the stock balance

/stock set [StockCode] [Balance] late ► set the stock late balance

/stock give [StockCode] [PlayerName] ► give the stock to player

/stock permission ► get the permission list


| Placeholder

%luckystock_time% ► the detect world time with color

%luckystock_ownstock% ► the player own stock

%luckystock_sharetotal% ► the player share total

%luckystock_earn_money% ► the earned money from the player

%luckystock_creation% ► the player creation

%luckystock_max_share% ► the max share of server

%luckystock_max_stock% ► the max stock of server

%luckystock_max_tax% ► the max tax of server

%luckystock_rank_X% ► the rank X player name (X as 1-10)

%luckystock_rank_money_X% ► the rank X player balance (X as 1-10)


| Config


All the config files can be found in the discord

If you find any issues, please feel free to go support discord, click below link to enter


| License

Once you download the plugin, you accept the following terms of use:

• No refund

• You will not be able to redistribute the plugin. and or its code

• You cannot upload the plugin to another forum or page, without the developer's permission.

• You are not allowed to decompile the plugin or use its code in any project without permission from the developer.