The original Lunar Disguise Replica, first came out 19th February 2020 and updated since then.

I've been absent for a while on the scene and noticed many sellers are offering Lunar Disguise Replicas. I've been the first to ever SELL this kind of replica.

You can purchase or have a look around, please stay safe and have a wonderful day.


  • ema#0984
  • ignZeliahh


17 EUR NEW Launch price is 13 EUR.
(PayPal, we mayreach a deal.)


This plugin supports different Core Plugins. Some of them are listed below and more will be added on request.
  • AquaCore
  • Mizu
  • Basic
  • Zoot
  • nCore
  • Root

  • Disguise Command

    • By performing the disguise command, you'll be disguised to the player you want.
  • Disguise using Name Command

    • You can also disguise with a name of your choice.
    • Every name is supported.
  • UnDisguise Command

    • Undisguise will put you back at your original identity.
  • Disguise List

    • Allows you to see the disguised players list in your server.
  • Disguise Alert

    • An alert will be sent to those who has the permission when a player uses the disguise command.
  • Random Skins System
  • PlaceHolderAPI Hooks from other plugins
  • Custom Chat (editable)
  • Add PAPI Tags into the custom chat format
  • LUNAR.GG Disguise is not the only system built in this plugin, because there is also a Random Skins System (toggleable in Config.yml) with which skins will be chosen randomly so the Menu of the original LUNAR's Disguise Plugin will not appear.
  • Messages Configurable
  • Skin Generation
  • Name Generation
  • Disguise.jar
  • Dependencies that make the plugin work




  • All the depends are given when purchasing.
  • The minimum spigot required is 1.8 but you can install a 1.8 and allow 1.7 players simply by installing a plugin. (When purchasing, if needed, I'll give you the download link)
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