bladeRR1 Jun 15, 2023
Version 2.3.7
this update fixes a lot of bugs, thanks for working on this and don't forget it :)
b01w May 24, 2024
Version 2.9.8
Looks like the dev of the plugin isn't active anymore. Would've been nice to get this PSA before buying the plugin. Now knowing I can't refund is just ridiculous! Don't buy this until the owner becomes more active again and or gives it to another dev to take over.
NickITAiz Apr 8, 2024
Version 2.9.8
dont buy this
soodlorkung Apr 2, 2024
Version 2.9.8
Don't buy this plugin. There is no support from the developers while I wait a day.
A lots of bugs with no support is the worst.
hashirama Jan 30, 2024
Version 2.9.3
The plugin works but it's really kind of redundant. Resource packs are all over the shop in the discord. There is no single point of "the latest resource pack" to use and you are happy and good to go.
WorkshopSix Jun 20, 2023
Version 2.4.0
One of the worst developers on this platform lol. I've tried to be really patient but I've been reporting the same bugs since the plugin has released (over a year now). He just keeps claiming they are fixed but they never are. When asked about a very serious bug he just responds with a thumbs up emoji. Like what even man, you're selling a product for actual money, not providing a free resource, at least take it seriously and attempt to fix bugs that make it borderline unusable.

I don't recommend using this, or anything else from this developer. All are riddled with bugs and the developer makes no actual effort to fix any of them.
MrStreeet Apr 21, 2023
Version 2.2.8
This plugin it's such a good idea to make something similar to OriginRealms but... It has a lot of lacks in the functionality of it.

- Late updates.
- Wiki it's incompleted.
- Loads of bugs that takes a lot to fix.
- Tokens system doesn't works correctly.
- Give cosmetics to player in last build with IA doesn't works.

The good part of it it's that the support directly with the developer it's actually good and this plugin has functions that makes it completly different from others, but maybe it requires a little bit more of time to put it on sale (in my opinion).

Author's response
Sorry but at this time I have little time so yes, updates take a little time but always arrive. and about the wiki is incomplete as it is, however whenever someone does not understand something I usually help in the same chat so if it is a problem I try to solve it with help directly but soon will also be documented more thoroughly the wiki, finally about the tokens and give cosmetics to players with the latest compilation of AI as you say it does not work but you've never reported it. ... if you don't report something in the bug channel how do you want me to find out about these problems and fix them, I'll be waiting for your bugs to fix them, Thanks for your review!
doitliketyler Aug 25, 2022
Version 2.0.0
This is the best custom cosmetics plugin on the market (I've bought and tried them all). It has the most features, has built in support for Oraxen (and ItemsAdder) and works perfectly. The Oraxen add-on needs an update and the documentation needs more details but neither are a deal breaker. Nice work!
Cionna Jul 12, 2022
Version 1.9.4
This is the best working 3D Cosmetics plugin I've come across!
It's quite easy to use once you can understand the basics of 3D Model creation/configuration and resource pack creation!
The plugin does only come with 5 models - which may put some people off but for the price it is absolutely brilliant! It sparks creativity for creation and in-game fashion.
Players adore the cosmetics themselves and the plugin is brilliant considering how many versions it covers!
I do highly recommend this plugin but ensure you know what you're doing before leaving a review - the support is fantastic and the developer is even better. If you have any issues you'll get a fast and helpful response in English or even in Spanish (If that's what you need!)
VenusCoffee Jul 8, 2022
Version 1.9.4
One thing to say, the best plugin i ever seen.
DanielFQZ Jun 14, 2022
Version 1.8.9
It's a good plugin, but now the minecraft had updated to 1.19 and this plugin can't support it ! That's awful......our players can't wait to use this amazing cosmetics plugin, and they started to blame us :(
new updates plz (T A T)

Author's response
We are working on it = ).
jinou Apr 11, 2022
Version 1.7.0
The plugin has perfect effect and let players customize themself, I would like to recommend it! However, the plugin is in a dev stage still, some function is not really stable and safe, I will give it 5 stars if the plugin be stable in future versions!
Liannai Apr 1, 2022
Version 1.6.2
This plugin works perfectly, I have tested it and using it in my servers , It's an amazing plugin . I will give five rates for it
humi0707 Mar 20, 2022
Version 1.5.5
The best cosmetic plugin i have ever used
support is very active to answer all questions!
Morphin Mar 20, 2022
Version 1.5.5
Okay upon playing this for 2 weeks, all i can say in this plugin is above level to the others in the market,
I have HM***smetics but i am more comfortable with this magicCosmetics..

1st. We have an active developer or support.
2nd. He keeps updating.
3rd. He have a pack configuration for other plugin like oraxen and itemsadder.
4th, Developer always looking for buyer suggestions.
5th. Balloon animations are quality.
and more..
paulreob Mar 20, 2022
Version 1.5.4
The plugin is the most complete I've seen, I loved the standalone balloon animation 10/10
iqtester Mar 2, 2022
The developer is very nice. He listen to everyone suggestions. Then I saw his Discord status, showing him always working on code of this plugin. I can say this is the best cosmetic plugin and developer! When I have time, I will make few models for free to everyone using this plugin.
Lolka Feb 28, 2022
Version 1.4.8
The best cosmetic plugin out there and support is very active to answer all questions!
ElBCD Feb 26, 2022
Version 1.4.2
the best cosmetics plugin i've tried, the developer is very friendly and has compatibility for all kind of texture management plugin, very easy to configure.
NightKunGz Feb 26, 2022
Version 1.4.2
This resource is such a best thing and
Dev is the best support i never seen before!
iAmForyy_ Feb 25, 2022
Version 1.4.2
This plugin works perfectly, I have tested it and my server looks fantastic with it! Excellent developer.

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