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Welcome visitor, nice to have you here. Let me tell you about the plugin...


The plugin has a MySQL or SQLite database storage, choose the one you prefer (only favorite gestures are saved).

has a unique wardrobe system per player in which when you are inside you will not be able to see anyone even if they are in front of you.

For more information about model bones, Animation or plugin settings you can visit the wiki.







How do the gestures work?

We split the player skin in parts to render them correctly.

In other words, the model is actually player heads that are resized using custom model data and the texture of each part of the player is rendered getting the parts of the skin that were split before without core-shaders and thanks to this you can use your favorite shaders with your favorite gestures at the same time!
NOTE: The rendering of the gestures should support most versions including below 1.17, this does not mean that the plugin supports those versions.

Plugin content:

 - jar plugin
 - Resources(Resource-Pack, Configuration for IA)
 - 5 default animations





Attention: This plugin works with a resource pack, If you know how these resource packs work and you feel up to it, you can continue here!


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