What is MapMenu?

  1. Map menu is a plugin that allows you to create custom menus from a minecraft map
  2. You can use images, links, buttons, backgrounds and more
  3. You can move in the menu using the movement buttons. (as if you were walking)
  4. This plugin is intended for people who are already bored with inventory menus and have a lot of creativity.

How does MapMenu work?

  1. MapMenu sends you a fake item in your hand to show you the currently drawn menu.
    When you open it you will be mounted on an entity and you will not be able to move. those controls are used to move around the menu and with the jump button presses on the option.

How to install it?

  1. Drag the jar file into your plugins folder
  2. restart server or load plugin with plugman
  3. Ready! now just have fun

Depends on other plugins?

  1. Currently the MapMenu depends on PlaceholderApi since it allows to use it in each text of the menu.
  2. This will be optional in the future.


How to move in the menu.

  Use the keys you use to walk to scroll through the menu

   Use the jump key to select

   use the crouch key to exit the menu.

Type of layers and requirements


  1.   Has_Permission 
  2. Does_Not_Have_Permission
  3. Compare


  3. TEXT
  4. URL
  5. CHIBI

The has_permission and Does_Not_Have Permission require the permission that will be used to check. You can find an example of this in the 4 default menus that the pluin brings.

The Background layer and like all other layers except the Text layer will need an image. this is assigned in: "texture: texture path"

The button layer is the one that will be used to scroll and interact with the menu.

The Text layer is for writing on the menu. this layer requires a text which is assigned as: "text: text message".

The Url layer worked as background only in "texture: texture path" you should use a url instead.

The chibi layer is the same as the background, only you must give it the texture of a skin and the plugin will transform it into a reduced-size character. You can check this in the Stats menu.



Here is a default configuration so you can see some of it.





Here are some sample images.